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Food testing processes that once took days are now completed to international standards in minutes. In-house food testing labs with high-tech food testing equipment are now an essential part of the food production process. After all, food contamination can result in costly recalls and destroy overnight reputations that took years to develop.


Preliminary research results released by Fruision Ltd show that sweet cherries grown in Central Otago are a natural source of melatonin at levels over 30 times higher than other cherry varieties grown in the northern hemisphere’s major cherry production regions. Continue →

By Les Watkins Microscopic plants from the ocean around New Zealand are poised to provide one of the country’s most profitable exports – containing potentially lethal toxins – with a trading value 50,000 times their weight in gold. Continue →

US consumers who choose to avoid orange juice because of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Carbendazim fungicide residue scare might actually consume more of it by switching to other juices, such as apple or grape juice, according to former FDA Regulatory counsel, Benjamin England. Continue →
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