Metal detection for wet and dry products


Mettler-Toledo Safeline's Profile Select metal detector

Manufacturers of food products with high moisture content no longer need to compromise between operating efficiency and product quality with Mettler-Toledo Safeline’s Profile Select metal detector.

The new rectangular metal detection systems offer sensitive detection capabilities for both wet and dry products on food production lines. The inclusion of variable frequency technology offers the most accurate inspection regardless of the moisture content of the product or packaging material.

Traditionally, only dry products can be successfully inspected at metal detectors’ maximum sensitivity setting. This is because wet or “conductive” products create an electrical signal, called a ‘product effect’ that can disguise the signal generated by metal contaminants.

Until now, contaminant detection in wet and dry products utilised metal detectors with Tuned Frequency technology. These metal detectors can be configured to have a number of operating frequencies to address specific products. However, this can restrict inspection flexibility in cases where manufacturers produce a wide range of products.

Profile Select detectors from Mettler Toledo Safeline feature true variable frequency technology that automatically selects the most suitable frequency for each application. Production lines benefit from optimal efficiency and rigorous assurance of quality through use of the maximum detection sensitivity.

The machine’s auto-set function selects the optimum frequency for the product being inspected providing maximum product quality, enhanced process flexibility, optimised equipment performance and creating overall cost savings.

Profile Select allows the operating frequency to be adjusted in small 1kHz increments. This ensures precise tuning for each application, so manufacturers can be confident that their metal detection system performance is optimised.

This precision frequency adjustment allows a variety of products with differing size, moisture content and packaging material to be inspected on the same production line without sacrificing inspection accuracy, further enhancing flexibility.

Profile Select rectangular detectors are designed for easy integration with conveyorised systems to fully automate inspection processes. Manufacturers can choose between various automatic reject mechanisms depending on the line and pack speed, pack weight and dimensions and the nature of the packaging material.

“Profile Select is a significant breakthrough in metal detection for wet products and those which generate a product effect or signal”, says Jonathan Richards, marketing manager, Mettler-Toledo Safeline.

“With stricter food safety legislation coming into force, brand owners need their metal detectors to be as accurate as possible. Profile Select enables food producers to be confident that their products comply with regulations whatever the moisture content of their products.”