Single sourced throughout


Single sourced throughout

The CombiCube F for the filter cellar – another step towards the modularised mid-tier brewery.

To enable brewers to concentrate solely on their actual brewing process, Krones has for decades now been supporting breweries with complete systems for the entire beer production process: from raw-materials reception on to the brewhouse, then the fermentation and storage cellars and the bottling hall, plus packaging, intralogistics and full-coverage automation – single-sourced throughout.

With the CombiCube F for the filter cellar, Krones has now progressed the modularised concept of the CombiCube series for another section of the brewing process: the CombiCube F is a TFS filter. The twin-flow principle has been retained, thus enabling the filtrate flow to be reduced down to 30 per cent of the nominal output.

All the other technological advantages of the TFS filter, of course, can also be utilised in the lower output range. The mid-tier filter is divided into five separate modules, which can be combined to suit the particular needs of the brewery involved.

New umbrella brand for Krones’ IT products

SitePilot is the umbrella brand for Krones’ IT products, and stands for a networked factory underpinned by integrated production and distribution logistics. The brand reduces complexities, and interlinks the various IT modules involved.

The individual areas and products are connected to each other by SitePilot, but nonetheless function autonomously. They can be individually selected and combined, and each of them has been specifically designed to handle defined task categories at the client’s facility.

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