It’s heart-warming to see innovations such as the one that can be found in the article below, with KiwiHarvest reducing the negative impacts of food waste on our environment by redistributing excess food; and it really does help to create lasting positive social change through giving to those that need it most.

Us Kiwis are far better than many operating in other countries, but we can all do our bit to better the ante.

Amy Keller, co-founder and chief executive of United States company PurePlus+ told 600 delegates at the Grow 2019: Boma NZ Agri Summit in Christchurch that 40% of what was grown globally becomes food waste, with fruit and vegetables making up 50%.  

If we waste less, we feed more. Food waste is a market inefficiency, that is not found in any other industry.” 

She said that a reducing food waste can have some amazing impacts that include feeding the population (expected to boom by 2050) and cutting greenhouse emissions.

There’s many reasons that food was wasted and these include bad weather, poor roads, poor packaging, poor food processing process and distribution problems as well as economic and cultural issues.

Greg Robertson