Turn your back on hate.

It would be remiss not to make mention of the Christchurch Mosque Massacre that claimed 50 lives and it’s one of those very rare times when this editorial will be nothing about machines, food or processing equipment.

It’s one of those times when you sit in front of a computer and think, ‘What words really pay enough tribute to a tragedy like New Zealand has never before seen?’. I’m not so sure even Shakespeare would even know where to start.

am sure, however, that he would have had no trouble in the delivery of a beautiful tapestry of prose dedicated to describing what this will mean for New Zealand’s future. The darkest clouds often precede the brightest dawn.

New Zealand – I believe – is about to go through the biggest change it has ever experienced in terms of societal interaction and how we treat each other – how we treat all Kiwis. Compassion… understanding… empathy… love… they are all are in the mix and they will all contribute to a very different landscape that I hope will soon be the envy of the world.

To the families who lost loved ones… there are actually no words. Just hugs. But I’m sure I can speak for the entire food and beverage communities in a vow to – instead – show you change.

The team at New Zealand Food Technology wishes to pass on a special message to all New Zealanders, but particularly to those who lost loved ones in the Christchurch Mosque Massacres in March.

We encourage the entire industry – and New Zealand as a whole – to turn your back on hate. Together we can eliminate discrimination based on race, colour, religion or creed. A stronger New Zealand… together, as one. A New Zealand that leads the world.”

It’s a day we will never forget. It’s a day we should never forget.

Greg Robertson