Workshop on the use of probiotics in animal production


A workshop is being organised by the Centre for Food Research and Innovation (CFRI) of the Department of Wine, Food and Molecular Biosciences (Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science, Lincoln University) at Lincoln University on the 6th November

This workshop will bring together presenters from academia, industry and dairy farming.

The workshop topics will range from methods to identify probiotics, their safety, efficacy and applications in animal production.

Professor Margaret Britz will deliver a keynote speech at the workshop.

She is an internationally recognised microbiologist and the Dean of Science, Engineering and Technology at University of Tasmania Hobart, Australia.

The workshop is designed to introduce recent scientific advances on the applications of microbial technologies in dairy farming systems and understand the benefits of probiotics use in animal production and innovative application approaches.

The workshop will benefit people involved in agriculture, for example, dairy farmers, milk processors, rural retailers, farm advisors, farm consultants, farm managers, animal scientists and veterinarians, academics, researchers, and microbiologists.

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Contact: Dr Malik Hussain

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