Along with expensive house prices and overpriced coffee, Auckland has now been named the most expensive place in New Zealand to buy a pint of beer as well.

According to a new analysis by financial research and comparison site, Finder, the average cost of a pint in Auckland is $11.10, followed by Wellington at $10.05.

This means Auckland comes in as 12th most expensive city to buy a beer out of 177 cities in the world.

Napier is the cheapest city in the country to purchase a pint at just $9.06 on average, followed by Dunedin at $9.77.

Finder’s publisher in New Zealand, Kevin McHugh says although Auckland’s prices might seem exorbitant, other countries had it worse.

“While Kiwis might despair at the hefty price of a drink at their local, spare a moment for residents of Dubai, where a pint will set you back nearly $20,” McHugh says.

For those looking to sink the cheapest beer, Lusaka, Zambia, is the place to go with a pint only setting you back $1.08 on average.

McHugh said there are plenty of affordable alternatives to catching up at your local pub.

“While it’s nice to enjoy a beer out with friends, this doesn’t have to break the bank. You can still catch up and socialise on a budget.

“Cheap and cheerful restaurants that offer BYO are a great way to enjoy a glass of wine and a meal for nearly half the price,” McHugh says.