NZ Food, Grocery Council and ASN Media create ‘Shared Horizons’


The New Zealand Food and Grocery Council has announced a collaboration with global content creation and engagement company ASN Media to create an innovative online content series titled ‘Shared Horizons.’

This series will showcase the depth, diversity, and ingenuity of the food and grocery sector, while addressing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the industry.

In order to navigate these challenges successfully, NZFGC emphasises the importance of a regulatory and policy environment that works in harmony with the industry. It is dedicated to advocating for manufacturers, suppliers, and all stakeholders involved in the supply chain. With Shared Horizons, NZFGC aims to provide the industry with vital information on consumer insights, market trends, industry innovations, and inspirational success stories from industry leaders.

ASN Media has produced quality, informative, and engaging industry stories for leading organisations such as the Australian Food and Grocery Council and Food Industry Asia that have reached millions of viewers worldwide.

Shared Horizons will feature interviews with industry leaders and key stakeholders, news reports, and sponsored editorial profiles of prominent organisations within the sector. Themes explored will include food security and waste, packaging and the circular economy, skills and education, and reformulation and innovation.

The official launch of the series will take place on November 1 at NZFGC’s annual conference in Sydney.

NZFGC chief executive Raewyn Bleakley says she was very excited about the partnership with ASN Media.

“It will enable our members to tell their stories and share their passion, innovation, and the challenges they face and how they’re responding to them. It’s valuable these stories are shared in industry forums, as well as with the public so we can show how we’re grappling with those challenges to deliver better outcomes for consumers and for the environment,” says Bleakley.