By Tracey Sheehy, FoodSouth business development lead

FoodSouth is based on-site at Lincoln University, and offers a range of options for scale-up of food production, in the 20-200L batch size.  From hemp seed dog chews to plant-based meats and crunchy puffed snacks, if it’s human grade we can help.  Our clients are everyone from savvy entrepreneurs to large corporate innovators.

If you’re already making a product, but looking to scale from your current set-up, contact Tracey to have an informative chat and assess options for the next steps.  NZFIN has a vast network of contract manufacturers, ingredient and packaging suppliers, and connections into universities and CRIs to help develop your innovative food or beverage idea to a grand scale.

FoodSouth is constantly evolving it’s offering to adapt to changing trends and consumer demands.  We’re experts in the plant-based product space, and have some exciting new developments coming online this year, including a spray dryer and a spiral flash dryer for drying slurries (arriving early 2022).  The new equipment will enable production of powders from a range of liquids and slurries including include fruit and vegetable pomace and plant-based milk powders.

The GEA Niro SD-4 spray dryer has around 25L/hr water evaporation capacity and can handle a range of liquid feed inputs.  FoodSouth also has a membrane rig for upstream filtration and concentration.

The INGETECSA spiral flash dryer is suitable for products with a wide range of particle sizes, and also sticky or temperature-sensitive products.  It’s easy to clean and efficient to run.  Typical food applications include cereal products, potatoes, vegetables, and fruit

To learn more about the suitability for your NPD, contact Tracey for a chat today.

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Tracey is a friendly and helpful technical expert, with vast knowledge across a range of areas. Simply email Tracey and provide an overview of what you’re looking for.  Tracey will be in touch with either direct help or to make time for a more detailed exploration session where we can learn more about your business and unique challenges to scale-up.  If NZFIN can’t help directly, we’ll put you in contact with someone who can.


Tracey Sheehy is the business development lead for FoodSouth, which is the South Island hub of the New Zealand Food Innovation network.  Tracey has a technical background with a commercial focus, and almost 20 years of experience working in a range of  New Zealand food and beverage companies. She’s passionate about enabling New Zealand businesses to achieve success on the world stage. 

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