Webinar helps manufactures digitise compliance


Beverage (and food) manufacturers are acutely aware of the need to comply with food and beverage quality and safety requirements, to maintain brand integrity and build customer loyalty.

But the day-to-day requirements can often be a time-consuming process, full of filling out all kinds of paper forms, with no top-down view of compliance practices. In the food and beverage industry, complying with quality requirements can be a time-consuming paper chase.

To help food and beverage manufacturers digitalise their compliance programs, Rockwell Automation is hosting a webinar on May 19th (1:00pm NZST). You can register for this short virtual event below.

The webinar will discuss Rockwell Automation’s Plex ‘Smart Manufacturing Platform’, which includes a QMS designed to offer a modern, digital system that provides full control and visibility of operations with a single system.

After extensive international success, Rockwell Automation is launching Plex QMS in New Zealand. With constant monitoring and real-time reporting, audits can be completed in minutes, not days, taking away downtime and hassle, so food and beverage manufacturers can focus on production. It’s designed to scale-up digitalisation in whichever way suits current operations best.

“What manufacturers need is an integrated system with features like real-time tracking, notifications, and reporting that make quality management a paperless and proactive process Join us as we discuss how the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform offers a modern, digital system that gives you full control and visibility of your operations with a single system,” says Rockwell Automation.

Click here to register for this webinar.