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Things move quickly in today’s world. Whether you are shipping directly to consumers who want next day delivery of their purchases, or to business customers who demand small regular deliveries on shorter lead times, delivering faster while keeping your handling costs down is a real challenge.

The key is choosing the right equipment to help you handle your goods more cost effectively. Whatever your business, you will be moving products throughout your facility – between processes, from one end to the other, and ready to supply your customers. This transportation adds cost to your products whether you are moving just a moderate volume over a short distance or moving many units per hour across the entire length of the warehouse.

With tight OH&S requirements and increasing labour costs, manually handling of products can be very expensive. Motorised trolleys and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) can carry heavier loads much further than people, which can increase efficiency over traditional manual handling.

For larger goods, forklift trucks and pallet movers are excellent universal handling machines that can also load and unload vehicles and lift pallets up high for storage.

However the biggest savings and efficiency gains are made using conveyors. Conveyors are great for straight-forward transportation over short, medium or long distances. And unlike people, they don’t run out of energy after carrying just a few cartons. Transportation conveyors can flow throughout your facility, eliminating rehandling before and after each process, and can even be loaded and unloaded automatically; reducing the amount of manual handling needed and the cost of handling each carton.

Colby’s Conveyors extensive and flexible range of conveyors includes gravity and powered conveyors for simple movement of cartons; incline/decline conveyors for moving product between levels; accumulation conveyor for buffering between processes; and pallet conveyors for handling bulk stock and heavy items.

Whether you need only a short length of conveyor to carry products over small distances, or you are looking at automating more of your processes, Colby Conveyors offer three important advantages: more flow, more manoeuvrability and more management control.

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