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It’s not always only about what’s inside the wine bottle – sometimes it’s about the label.

This proves true as a wine label described as one of the best ever seen by judges in Pride In Print Awards history took home the Best in Category Labels for 2021.

Rapid Labels’ technical director Alex Straight

The McBride Sisters Sparkling Brut Rose label, entered by Rapid Labels, boasts embellishments such as an all-over matt varnish, spot matt varnish, rotary hot foil, textured emboss, sculptured emboss and gloss high build.

Rapid Labels’ technical director Alex Straight said it was an enjoyable evening all round with the company taking home more than 20 gold medals first (the company’s largest haul yet), capped by the category win at the end.

“It’s a testament to the skill and dedication of our print team who produce labels of the highest quality. I couldn’t be more proud of our team. They really are the stars.”

Of the category winner itself, he agreed that it had been technically difficult to produce but the result was “a truly special label”.

“It was an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to print a label that was so well designed and that uses embellishments so wisely. It’s a true classic!”

Pride In Print judge Gary Gibbon said that over the years he’d never seen anything like this one.

“It’s definitely one of the best labels produced. It’s technically brilliant.”

This year there were 61 wine, 51 food and beverage and other label types entered, including coupons and booklet labels.

Other judges called the winner a very technical and faultless label. They said it had beautiful foil and emboss finishes that were both perfectly executed.

Judge Sean North said: “This label had to be one of the most technically challenging they have ever printed. They had to replicate the original (offset) label which was printed elsewhere.”