Local bakeries can level up their packaging and keep their carefully crafted goods fresher for longer with the latest packaging technology advice from Contour International.

When a client based in Kapiti needed a packaging solution that would keep their artisan breads fresher for longer, Contour International was able to suggest they use Gas Flush Vacuum Packaging to help extend the products’ shelf life while also protecting the shape and softness of the loaves.

“Gas flush is used when the oxygen is removed from the bag then gas flush is added to extend the shelf life of the products,” says sales consultant and maintenance coordinator, Naomi Moxham.

The team also were able to assist in helping the bakery to automate their packaging system.

“They were currently using a smaller lower production machine and they have now updated to a double chamber Audion vacuum packaging machine which will help them to further extend the shelf life whilst increasing production and volumes.”

The Audion brand is manufactured in The Netherlands and is widely regarded as top-quality machines backed with a two-year guarantee.

With gas flushing packaging, the product and the space around it in the chamber are vacuumised as normal. With normal vacuum packaging the bag is sealed after the process is complete but with gas flushing the pouch is injected with a gas or gas mixture.

Then when there is the desired volume of gas in the bag, the bag is sealed. This means there is a very low residual oxygen percentage without the vacuum pressure.

“This packaging is especially suitable for bakeries as the vacuum packing element helps to keep the flavour, love and care that goes into producing each product and by increasing the shelf life of the products – either the bakery product, or the ingredients in the bakery product along with improving presentation,” says Moxham.

“We supply a wide range of packaging solutions specialised to each of our client’s needs in what they want to achieve as their end product, the consumer, and how we can achieve this solution by working to supply the correct machinery and consumables.”

Moxham says a key part to choosing what packaging solution will work best for each operation is looking at the end goal.

“See what you really want to achieve to best showcase the quality and time spent in each of your incredible bakery products, then work on what equipment and consumable packaging you need to best achieve this goal.

“We can help you to achieve your packaging goals and for the best solution while working with a cost effective solution and increasing products and packaging production and volumes.”