Kiwis are in for a bumper crop of Strawberries this year as growers report one of the best seasons in recent memory in terms of volume, size, taste and quality. 

Strawberry Growers NZ executive manager Mick Ahern says this year has been ideal growing conditions and as a result the fruit yield is excellent.

“It all comes together in a big November flush, so if you want to buy strawberries in good volumes, now is the time to do it,” he says. “They’re a seasonal product and only available for a limited window, so it’s ‘game on’ right now.”

“Export is slightly constrained this year due to the global impact of COVID-19 so we certainly hope New Zealanders will support our local growers and buy an extra punnet or two – which shouldn’t be hard considering the quality of this year’s crop,” says Ahern.

The nutritional value of strawberries is also valued particularly when it comes to vitamin C. One cup of strawberries will provide over 170% of the Recommended Daily Intake of vitamin C to help support immune systems.

The fruit also contains dietary fibre to support a healthy digestive system, as well as niacin (vitamin B3) which is important for healthy brain cells.

“Folate is another important nutrient found in strawberries. Folate is known to help reduce tiredness and fatigue and is important during pregnancy as it contributes towards healthy growth and development.”