Science and technology to support food businesses


The New Zealand Food Innovation Network (NZFIN) is an accessible, national network of science and technology resources created to support the growth and development of New Zealand food and beverage businesses of all sizes by providing facilities and the expertise needed to develop new products and process from idea to commercial success.

Each of the territories and regional food product development centres has a different focus depending on the needs, maturity, strengths and capabilities of local businesses. Between them, they offer a complementary suite of services:

In Auckland The FOODBOWL is designed as a facility where companies can produce commercial runs of new products for trial marketing to capitalise on both domestic and export opportunities. The facilities at The FOODBOWL provide over 180 pieces of ancillary equipment and the use of technologies such as freeze drying, high pressure processing, UHT/aseptic/hot fill, extrusion, pouch filling, v-blending, air swept milling and much more.

The FOODBOWL is in effect, your own mini factory available for lease or hire by the day, week or even by the month and operates under red-line hygiene protocol and is FSP and RMP accredited, which means samples can be safely produced for testing in international markets.

In Hamilton NZFIN has FOODWAIKATO, a spray drying unit of 500kgs/per hour. This is the perfect size for developing new dairy products like goat milk powder as well as producing innovative products from fruits and vegetables, Recently FOODWAIKATO produced a 100 percent pure avocado powder.

For the smaller scale “proof of concept work” the network has The FOODPILOT at Massey University a 1000-square-metre, $6.5m Food Pilot plant. The FOODPILOT was created to assist small-to-medium-sized businesses from product development, process optimization to up scaling trial bringing businesses to commercial markets. The FOODPILOT works with an exceptionally wide range of companies and products throughout New Zealand. With over 50 pieces of equipment available, The FOODPILOT always impresses business owners and researchers, as there is nothing like this available elsewhere in NZ. With the large variety of equipment The FOODPILOT can cover many food groups including beverages, fermented products, cereals, dairy, fats and oils, fruits and vegetables, ice cream, meat and seafood. The processing technologies include packaging, canning, pressing, concentrating, drying, UHT, high pressure processing, filtration and freeze drying. Our FOODPILOT is also available for cost effective trials on new product formulations done in a separate room that can be hired for confidential work. All work in the pilot plant has the support of skilled technicians and scientists with expertise in all aspects of food manufacture.

NZFIN also has presence in Christchurch and Hawkes Bay with experienced food professionals ready to asses and facilitate your next project.

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