300% Savings Helping Kiwi Companies Say ‘Yes, Nano’


The cynical may sneer at those proclaiming they give ‘110% in effort’. Yet for one Kiwi pallet wrapping company, offering 300% to its clients is an everyday reality.

It’s a result of high-tech product and expertly scoped process. Thanks to a revolutionary new pallet wrap, Universal Packaging is “doing much more with far less” for its clients, according to technical sales consultant Jed Goudie.nanowrap universal packaging

Nanowrap is a high-performance 33-layer nano film made using cutting-edge German-engineered extrusion machinery. “With 33 layers, it provides a range of everyday savings compared to wrapping pallets in conventional three-to-seven layer stretch films,” Goudie says.

“We can stretch the film to 300% further without compromising load integrity. There’s less film consumption per pallet, lower cost in use and less environmental impact too.”

For the forward-thinking distribution centre looking to stretch the bottom line, the savings can be considerable. “In Europe, there’s less investment in blown film production, it’s now seen as a bit of a ‘dinosaur’ in the northern hemisphere,” Goudie says.

“The old wrap was good enough half a decade ago but it’s fast disappearing from use. Nanolayer cast-film is the way of the future.”

The Universal team is backing such claims with hard data. A recent trip was

made to the Newton Research Institute in Kedah, Malaysia, which provides neutral, evidence-based advice for a huge range of packaging and transportation challenges.

It’s the largest test facility of its kind in Asia-Pacific, and the perfect location to put Nanowrap through its paces using methods like the acceleration bench

test and the pitch and roll test, which replicates many of the real-world stresses on the pallet, Goudie says.

“With this data in wrap properties and fitting, we can continue to ensure every aspect of our clients’ pallet packaging process is the best it can be.”