Safe and efficient freezing with Frigoscandia


The Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® chiller and freezer is known in the industry for its modular design, quality, hygiene, operating simplicity and reliability.

Frigoscandia is a leader in freezer technology and it has developed the strongest self-stacking spiral according to JBT FoodTech. The combination of the new Frigoscandia FRIGoDRIVE® M system and the new Frigoscandia FRIGoBELT® NOVA increases reliability and capacity, resulting in lower operating costs.

Released by JBT FoodTech, the Frigoscandia LVS FRIGoPAK® is a proven refrigeration system that benefits the user immediately and in the long-term.

JBT FoodTech has a database of over 15,000 application tests and can provide detailed and reliable payback calculations developed over years in the freezing and cooling industry.

Whether the user wants to test cooking and freezing times, portioning possibilities, food quality, cleaning techniques or to address safety issues, users can consult JBT FoodTech food technology centers, laboratories and R&D. There is local test equipment across all four continents.

PRoCARETM allows scheduled preventive inspections and maintenance of equipment, minimising unexpected costs for reactive maintenance.

JBT FoodTech offers customised solutions from DSI slicing and portioning systems, Stein in-line coating and frying equipment, the Double D line of cookers and Searer/grill marker and the Frigoscandia range of linear and self-stacking freezers, chillers, steamers and proofers.

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