Probiotics workshop covers scientific and practical applications


Andre Prassinos, Dr Malik Hussain and Dr Craig Bunt at the Probiotics workshop

A diverse audience made up of large scale and family farmers, rural retailers, agricultural consultants, and an array of research scientists attended the October 8 workshop presented by the Department of Wine, Food and Molecular Biosciences (Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science, Lincoln University) and sponsored by BioBrew Ltd.

Attendees at the workshop that took place at the Westpac Hub in Addington (Christchurch) were unanimous in their positive remarks about the event and the information presented.

Especially valuable to the attendees was the informal format of the workshop, which allowed questions to be asked and answered throughout the presentations as well as at the conclusion of each talk.

Questions ranged from technical scientific points to matters of practical applications on the dairy farm. The workshop kicked off with presentations from Dr Craig Bunt and Dr Hussain detailing the current scientific understanding of probiotics and applications of microbial technologies in the agricultural setting.

Andre Prassinos then presented information on the microbial products offered by BioBrew Ltd that have been developed in collaboration with Dr Hussain and Lincoln University. Lisa Dickson of Bellview Farm then discussed her experience with BioBrew products and positively contrasted this with her previous experience with non-viable fermentation products. A brief video compilation of BioBrew customers followed and the workshop concluded with lunch for the participants. Plans for future workshops are under way.