Palletising technology for beverage producers


GEA Procomac introduces ARTIS EVO

GEA Procomac introduces ARTIS EVO – the latest development in palletising technology. ARTIS EVO uses a new (patent pending) system of layer handling to save space, reduce maintenance cost and maintain high speed production.

The new GEA Procomac ARTIS EVO is a concentrate of technological innovation. ARTIS EVO is an innovative layer pick-up head, mono–column type palletiser that guarantees high performance using a very compact system that allows operator’s high visibility and easy maintenance accessibility.

The new innovation of the GEA Procomac ARTIS EVO is the absence of the pusher. This is made possible by the new layer handling system.

The pick-up head fits directly on the layer and picks it up as soon as the layer is ready. ARTIS EVO doesn’t need the pusher since, inside the head, there is a special plate moving underneath the layer. This innovation reduces the machine cycle dead times achieving the remarkable speed of six layers per minute with a simple and compact system.

GEA Procomac ARTIS EVO can handle every kind of packaging, from cartons, cans, cases to small two-single-serve bottle packs, thanks to the flexibility of the upstream layer preparation, either with a traditional system with divider and roller table or with a Polaris EVO manipulator step-by-step layer forming on the positive modular belt.

The new ARTIS EVO clearly positions GEA Procomac in a primary position for the high-speed packaging of drinks in cartons, bottles or packs.

GEA Procomac was established in 1979 as a supplier of conveyors and rinsers. It developed its first complete turnkey filling line for PET bottles in 1989 and its first aseptic filling line five years later. Since then, the company has supplied over 150 aseptic lines for sensitive products such as juices, isotonic drinks, tea, and milk-based beverages with and without particulate. GEA Procomac has always considered its R&D activities to be essential to ensure its position as a technology leader.