Non-contact product distribution system for gentle handling


Non-contact product distribution system for gentle handling

Bosch Packaging Technology launches a new product distribution system Transver SDP in cooperation with its partner Rotzinger AG.

Ideal for companies seeking to automate their packaging lines, the Transver SDP is especially suited to meet the demands of the world’s growing food markets. The product distribution system features a modular depositing pullnose station designed for fully automated format changeovers and simple adjustment to product-specific characteristics. In addition, the modular design of the station supports easy maintenance and cleaning. The non-contact belt system operates without side guides ensuring high product quality – even for sticky and fragile food products, such as cereal bars, muffins, soft biscuits, cupcakes, chocolates and irregularly shaped baked goods.

The Transver SDP features the latest servo-drive technology to ensure efficiency and reliability. The system can be easily integrated upstream into existing packaging lines, giving manufacturers the benefit of a single-source solution supplier. “For companies looking to automate their packaging operations, the Transver SDP provides a particularly attractive price performance ratio,” says Andreas Schildknecht, global product manager for horizontal packaging at Bosch Packaging Technology. “Manufacturers profit from the latest product distribution technology to handle even the most challenging food products, achieving a high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).”

To support hygiene, an easy-to-clean stainless steel frame was designed to withstand cleaning solvents and processes. In addition, double wing doors allow full access. Other hygienic elements include the hybrid signal and power cables to minimize wiring and speed up equipment installation.

In addition, the Transver SDP features a fast automatic changeover in less than five seconds by simply switching the software recipes. This ensures minimal downtime, maximum product flexibility and repeatability. The new design also supports easy maintenance enabling belt changes in as little as ten minutes.

Thanks to the functionality of the product distribution system, gentle product handling is guaranteed. The depositing pullnose first moves downwards to separate an individual row of products before it discharges the products onto the cross-feeding belt by pulling backwards. The full-servo motion profile allows an optimum adjustment of the movements according to product-specific parameters and production speed. The cross-feeding belt finally transports the product into the wrapper. Optional belts are available to eliminate gaps.

In addition, the Transver SDP is available with an optional re-feed belt to buffer product overflow, which increases OEE. Bosch can also integrate head of line functionalities, such as row alignment, metal detection, row inspection, as well as rejection of unacceptable rows.