The MenuAid team

With the pandemic continuing to put pressure on supply chains and supermarkets, a brand-new platform has launched combining the convenience of meal kits with the flexibility of regular shopping.

MenuAid was developed by Toby Skilton and his partner, nutritionist Elise Hilliam to solve a problem they found themselves struggling with weekly.

“We absolutely love to cook and one of the things we’d find ourselves doing on a Sunday would be going through all the cookbooks at home and then reverting back to the same 10 dishes we have on a cycle,” Skilton says.

“It was a real pain point for us sitting there trying to come up with the shopping list for the week and feeling that dread of another week of the same stuff.”

After finding the current meal kits on the market weren’t quite cutting it, the pair set to work building MenuAid, a meal planning and delivery platform that provides original weekly recipes, automatic shopping lists, and supermarket delivery options. It also allows customers to have more control over their waste profile at a much lower price point.

“MenuAid was kind of an antidote for the things that were wrong with the meal kits but still solving that major decision around meals. That’s where the idea sparked from.”

Every week subscribers get five recipes custom-written by chefs. A shopping list is then generated where people can remove or add things or swap things out if they don’t like them. Users can also choose to order groceries online with these lists to avoid supermarket queues, or they can shop themselves at their local butchers, greengrocers, bulk stores, or farmers markets.

The platform has a focus on ingredient efficiency to make sure leftover products are always being used in future dishes.

“By principle, we never want to give a user a single-use pre-wrapped stalk of coriander, or a 10 ml tub of miso paste. We want you to get a regular tub and make meals over the following weeks which will use this in new, exciting ways,” says Skilton.

“Pre-wrapped, single-serve food is harming our environment and it will no longer be the only option for those wanting the convenience of meal kit delivery.”

Subscriptions cost $4 a week and users currently have a choice between a Balanced plan which includes meat or a Vege Fix that can be adapted to be vegan.