Viscofan SA has announced the acquisition of Globus Group New Zealand Ltd – its distributor of Viscofan products in this country for 10 years – as it looks to new growth opportunities.

Viscofan chairman Jose Domingo de Ampuero says Globus Group’s acquisition not only offers a complementary geographic footprint in a new continent for his company, but also provides Globus’ excellent personnel and their market knowledge.

“Combined with the strong commercial portfolio of Viscofan, the acquisition will enable us to provide our customers with better service and new solutions in those markets,” he says.

Globus Group was established in Australia in 1949, and has a long track record as distributor of casings, films and bags, among other flexible packaging products, and of packaging equipment for the food industry.

For New Zealand users of casing product, the acquisition means Viscofan is now represented in Oceania as a subsidiary. This opens significant technical, product development, supply chain and financial resources to the local market.

Viscofan is a leader in the manufacture and supply of collagen casing, fibrous and cellulose casings globally. In addition, the product range also includes plastic casings, shrink bags and Nanopack Interleaver Multilayer plastic films.

Highlights of the product range include:

• Viscofan cellulose casings which combine high elasticity with an extremely consistent calibre.

• Viscofan Collagen casings are used in the manufacture of processed, fresh, pre-cooked fried sausages or dry-cured snacks. Viscofan’s variety of tailor-made product finishes ensures the best processing on all machines. Ready-to-stuff casings ensure faster and cleaner production processes.

• Viscofan fibrous casings give your finished product a natural look, and their uniform calibre and excellent ‘peel-ability’ are second to none.

For any product enquiries, please contact Viscofan Globus New Zealand on [email protected] or freephone 0508 456 287.