Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) seminar


Modified Atmosphere packaging covering all levels of application from product development, production, quality control to shelf life study:

  • Gas content/mix and its influence on the product
  • Packaging composition and its inf luence on both the sample and headspace
  • Ways to effectively control and optimise the MAP process

Seminar content will include:

  • MAP (packaging) fundamentals
  • MAP for product quality and safety
  • Product specific application of MAP (e.g. recommended gas ratios &why)
  • Film/packaging material influence on MAP
  • How to best measure headspace
  • Efficient control of the flushing process to attain 100 percent quality control, safer working environment and cost saving

10-3pm courses in Christchurch, Palmerston North and Auckland with Lunch provided (*TBC)

Tentative dates are Christchurch on 5 June, Palmerston North on 7 June and Auckland on 8 June. Cost TBA.

Note there are limited spaces and early bookings are recommended.

For all enquiries please email: [email protected] or phone 03 962 2960