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Merck is your partner in Food & Beverage testing.

As a worldwide leading provider of life science solutions, Merck address the needs of customers in industries where consumer safety is a major concern. We provide dependable, connected, and rapid solutions specifically tailored to the needs of the food and beverage industry.
Merck offer a broad and complete portfolio throughout the entire safety testing workflow. Driven by purpose-built solutions that combine world class access, accuracy, and expertise, we help you to streamline by providing reliable, efficient delivery of premium-grade consumables and testing components. We provide products and services to support every step of your microbial testing workflow with testing products and kits that comply with international standards. Our proficiency testing rounds, reference materials, and regulatory expertise help keep you in compliance now, and as quality requirements evolve. Our chemical testing solutions not only provide you with chemicals and reagents, but products for chemical air monitoring, sample preparation, inorganic analysis, and various chromatographic separations as well. Merck also offers a mobile and photometric analysis portfolio for better control of water, soil, or food testing. With us you can be sure your results are going to be accurate, precise, and consistent.
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