BSI has been helping organisations across the globe to improve and capture best practice since 1901.

BSI is a leading certification and training partner for Food Safety across Australia and New Zealand and is involved in the development of standards globally used regularly in the food industry.

“BSI believes the world deserves food that is safe, sustainable and socially responsible. The company’s reputation as a preferred partner in food safety and as an industry thought leader has been built over many years and is based on the quality and excellent service provided by our staff,” says managing director, Global Food and RSC, David Horlock.

The team have an extensive breadth and depth of experience across all facets of the industry, and they have a reputation for delivering value, effective and quality services to help maintain business relationships and facilitating continuous improvement.

BSI partners with large and small industry bodies as an approved service provider to offer a diverse range of accredited, second party, regulatory and supply chain services to the food and retail supply chain.

In addition to over 40 local and global Food Safety programs, the company has the ability to provide support on supply chain audits including Sedex SMETA and RSPO along with management systems standards including ISO 14001 Environmental Management, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management, ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management and ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems that work together to make organisations more resilient.

With more than 100 years’ experience in helping people and organizations realise their potential, BSI’s heritage allows them to offer you a unique learning service.

“Because we help shape international standards, there’s no one better to help train you and your staff on how to implement management systems to make your business more secure, more successful and more resilient. We don’t just train you to meet standards – we help you to understand how to embed them into your organisation,” Horlock says.

“We have a team of expert tutors who can transfer the knowledge, skills and tools needed to embed excellence into your organisation. They have vast amounts of training and assessment experience and work across a wide range of business sectors. They know best how to transform your organization by training those who can make that change.”

With over 2,800 food and agri-food standards in its portfolio, BSI is well-positioned to support the industry and the challenges faced by the supply chain including food safety and security, sustainability, energy, business risk, corporate social responsibility and food safety culture.

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