Founder of Boring Oat Milk, Morgan Maw

Facing a somewhat saturated oat milk market where many brands are loudly competing for consumers’ attention, the founder of Boring Oat Milk, Morgan Maw, decided on a quieter approach.

With its simple packaging and muted design, Boring Oat Milk is the first oat milk to be made commercially at scale in New Zealand.

The product was launched just before the country plunged into a COVID-19 level four lockdown, perhaps bringing to attention one of Maw’s biggest passions – creating locally made and grown products.

As oats are one of New Zealand’s most sustainable crops, she was determined to keep Boring’s supply chain simple by making sure the grain was processed locally.

“When I started this mission to make a New Zealand-made oat milk three years ago, everyone said it couldn’t be done, but being made here was non-negotiable. And now, after talking about this elusive thing for so long, Boring Oat Milk is a reality,” she says.

Maw became interested in oats when she spent time in Scotland during her OE and realised, they would grow just as well in New Zealand. When she returned home, she founded Bonnie’s Oatcakes but realised these would always be the fancy cracker on the cheeseboard.

She knew this wasn’t quite what she envisioned so she set about making a product she hopes will become a pantry staple.

Boring’s oats are grown in Otago and Southland before they travel to Hawke’s Bay where they are processed into oat milk.

“Never has there been a more important time to support local and we’re so proud to work with local growers, suppliers, and manufacturers,” she says.

“The issue is that so much of our good quality products are exported around the world and I think we as producers and brands have a duty to supply that quality product to our own people first before exporting it. I think consumers are starting to ask for it more as well.”

Of course, as with most new products, she faced challenges during the research and development phase but with the help of an experienced beverage technologist, New Zealand Food and Innovation Networks’ FoodBowl and FoodSouth facilities, she was able to move onto larger scale trials.

Eventually she secured a partner in Hawke’s Bay company The Apple Press, and production was underway.

“I’m really happy with response that we’ve got,” Maw says.

“And I know it comes from a place where people are caring deeply about New Zealand and products that are made here.”

Boring Oat Milk is available at Coffee Supreme cafes, Farro Fresh, Moore Wilson’s and New Worlds and online at