Innovative Kiwi Pāmu Deer Milk wins prestigious global award


Kiwis have done it again on the world’s stage.

Pāmu’s awarding winning Deer Milk won the Best Dairy Ingredient category at the World Dairy Innovation Awards, announced in Laval, France.

Pāmu chief executive Mark Leslie says the win in these prestigious awards is a validation of the hard work and innovation that has gone into creating an all-new product for the agri-sector.

“All New Zealanders, as shareholders in Pāmu should be really proud of this win, at what is essentially the World Cup for the dairy sector.

“Our deer milk product has been steadily growing in popularity among high end chefs and as a unique new ingredient in cosmetics. But that’s not where it ends.

“This win recognises the extensive application and unique properties of deer milk, and the growing recognition of deer milk as a specialty dairy product”.

Pāmu Deer Milk is sourced through a partnership with Peter and Sharon McIntyre, who run a deer farm near Gore and now through the company’s own farm Aratiatia, in the North Island’s central plateau.

“While Covid has meant more challenging market conditions to promote deer milk in the short term, the reopening of the world means Pāmu Deer Milk can once again make its way back on the world stage, and this win is an incredible boost to that,” Mr Leslie said.

The company is excited about the potential for the product and the opening of a new deer milking facility near Taupo, to complement the existing supply from the McIntyre’s, is a testament to that, Leslie says.

“We have also developed a world first deer milk nutritional supplement range called Doe Nutrition containing Pāmu Deer Milk which offers a range of nutritional benefits, which we are currently preparing to sell in Vietnam and China.”

The Doe Nutrition innovation received a highly commended rating at last night’s awards, making it a doubly successful occasion for the company.

Leslie says the growing recognition of Pāmu Deer Milk’s unique properties, especially when it comes to nutrition and digestion, signals it has the potential to be a contributor to our primary sector.

“This award is a hugely important milestone and validation that we are onto something very exciting,” Leslie says.

The McIntyre’s are a fifth-generation South Island farming family and the farm’s deer are free to graze and roam across vast open fields. The deer are “nurtured year-round, producing the world’s most unique and precious milk”.

When it comes to the products produced from both farms,Doe Nutrition is a world first nutritional supplement range containing Pāmu Deer Milk and offers a range of nutritional benefits, Pāmu’s Deer Milk lead Hamish Glendinning says.

“This product is available in two delicious variants- Doe Nutrition Beauty which has collagen and Vitamin C to help with skin elasticity and Doe Nutrition Revive which contains ingredients like iodine and B12 to help with the mind.

“Not only is it a great taste experience, with high amounts of A2-type protein, essential vitamins and minerals, it is considered a natural super milk of concentrated nutrition.

“Doe Nutrition products focus on beauty, energy and include active ingredients like Mānuka honey and natural berries to support general health and wellbeing,” Glendinning says.

Leslie said the company’s insights from its previous success with Pāmu Deer Milk as both a food and cosmetic ingredient had been combined and used to shape the Doe Nutrition formulations.

“Doe Nutrition has been developed alongside a customer partner in Vietnam, using consumer insight work and technical expertise to finalise a formulation with a new to world ingredient.  In time the range could extend to meet new consumer needs.

“Pāmu see huge potential in the premium health and wellbeing category as consumers prioritise health outcomes in the post pandemic world, “Leslie says.

The Doe Nutrition products are made in New Zealand and are available in convenient sachets. They are available for purchase on the website

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