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A range of new sanitising and disinfecting systems, developed to fight against Covid-19, could provide a useful solution for New Zealand food and beverage manufacturers.

The four new high-pressure spraying and fogging BioSpray machines were originally developed in 2020 by a USA based company, Goodway Technologies, to assist in preventing the spread of Covid-19 and other related microorganisms.

Now Elliot Scott Ltd, supplier of energy related products to industrial, commercial and institutional users, is bringing the BioSpray technology to New Zealand customers.

Three of these machines have been designed to quickly clean and sanitise surface areas using a CO2 propellant with an alcohol based sanitising solution.

By doing so, an atomised spray of micro-sized droplets is dispersed which is controlled by a handheld applicator gun. The CO2 will help ‘weigh down’ these micro-droplets onto the surfaces and all crevices and when paired with a lab calibrated gun, creates an even spread of the sanitising agent that provides a more thorough coverage of surfaces.

“The big advantage of this system is that the alcohol evaporates very quickly, and you don’t need to wipe anything down,” says Elliot Scott Ltd owner, Alastair Scott.

As the spray dries rapidly, it can be used safely on most surfaces, including electronics, water sensitive equipment and leaves no taste, smell or residue. The CO2 propellant also renders the alcohol content non-inflammable.

“You can simply go into a room and spray. There’s no need to wipe anything down. It’s a friendly product to use as you don’t need full PPE to apply it.”

Scott recommends customers use the D2 formula with this equipment as it was developed as a high performance no-rinse surface sanitiser specifically for the food industry.

“It is very, very effective,” says Scott of the formula. “It’s an EPA registered isopropyl alcohol and a powerful quaternary surface sanitiser. It’s a ready to use, quick drying disinfectant and eliminates 99.9% of tested pathogens in 10 seconds on non-food contact surfaces and 60 seconds for food contact surfaces.

The combination of Isopropanol and QAC is highly effective on a range of pathogens, on biofilms and even on surfaces with an oily residue.

D2 is also food grade safe and suitable with the HACCP based food safety programme.

Tested by Australian laboratories, the product is highly evaporative to protect water sensitive equipment while also being non-corrosive to tools and metals. The formula is also safe to use on rubber gloves and boots.

The three CO2 powered machines include a suitcase-sized model for extreme portability, with the two larger models using large wheels for easy transportation. One model also includes a patented anti-freeze mechanism for continuous spray use.

Other systems which dispense water-based sanitisers and portable fogging machines are also available in the range.

This technology is suitable for use in office buildings, gymnasiums, classrooms, restaurants and food preparation areas, rest homes, manufacturing, hospitality and more.

For more information contact Alastair Scott on 03 337 0970 or visit