Doing it for the kids


More than 80% of parents want their offspring to eat natural food and drinks in a balanced diet, but the same can’t be said for households without children, according to a global consumer study.
The survey, in which 5000 consumers in ten countries worldwide were canvassed for their views, found that the vast majority of parents are actively avoiding synthetic additives when buying foods for their children. However, just 67% of respondents with no children at home said they personally look for more natural food and drinks.
Topping the list of ‘nasties’ that parents avoid are preservatives, artificial colours and sweeteners…in fact, more than 60% of parents say it is ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ important that products do not contain those ingredients. Labelling with ‘natural flavours’ or ‘natural colours’ are two of the most important criteria when selecting food for their children.
These characteristics are considered to be more important than product being ‘low fat’, ‘low sugar’, ‘organic’ or containing ‘no added sugar’, according to the research by TNS Global, which says artificial additives have a significant influence on the purchase decisions of parents.