There’s no debate regarding how tough it is for farmers at the moment. With environmental factors putting livelihoods at risk, the last thing any primary producer, breeding farm, food manufacturer or processing plant needs is a bio-security threat. Yet, you could be at risk.

Vehicles transporting livestock, crops or raw materials between farms, factories and processing plants could unknowingly place the bio-security of your business at risk.

For smaller producers and boutique operations, the cost of constructing vehicle disinfection facilities can be prohibitive. It can also be difficult to retrofit them. But the Italian manufactured IDA3 manual vehicle disinfection system, is offering a cost effective, modular solution that efficiently disinfects vehicles entering and/or leaving the premises.

Available from Tecpro Australia, the IDA3 operates under low pressure. Trucks and other vehicles simply pass through the system as they enter (or leave) your premises. A series of nozzles spray disinfectant around the perimeter of each vehicle (including the sides up to 1m high and the chassis).

Its modular design means the IDA3 vehicle disinfection system can be constructed to fit trucks up to 3m wide. Best of all, it’s easy to put together – requiring only a screwdriver and spanner. In less than an hour, your livestock and business can be protected.

The IDA3 contains everything you need including a pump, galvanised steel platforms, spray nozzles and stainless steel enclosure to house the pump and electrical panels. Automatic and customised vehicle disinfection kits are also available from Tecpro Australia.

For more information or to place your order, contact Tecpro Australia on 02 9634 3370. Since 1982, Tecpro has been providing reliable technical solutions for a vast range of industrial applications. To learn more, visit www.tecpro.com.au.