diet-depressionA healthy diet including lean meats significantly improves depression and anxiety symptoms, a breakthrough study has found after a 12-week randomised controlled trial looking at the effects of a healthy diet in the treatment of the disorders. According to the Deakin study, a diet of wholegrains, vegetables, fish and lean red meats that spurns sweets, refined cereals, fried foods and sugary drinks shows simple dietary changes can be used as a possible treatment. The healthy diet is based on a modified version of the Mediterranean diet, and is higher in fat and lower in carbohydrates than current nutritional guidelines. Study author Felice Jacka says the diet recommends lean red meat three or four times per week, with a third of those eating healthy foods in the trial reporting improved mood and depression symptoms. However, dietitian Sarah Hanraham says obsessing over single nutrients can be harmful. “When we diet, we often put too much focus on cutting out certain foods, but this can lead to micronutrient deficiencies when we do not eat enough.”