To save over 80 million paper stamps from landfill, Countdown will run its new glassware containers collectable programme entirely digitally.

From November 9, shoppers at Countdown stores nationwide will receive an eStamp when they use their registered Onecard for every $20 spent instore or online. After 20 eStamps have been collected, consumers can redeem a glass container.

Countdown’s acting managing director, Sally Copland, says that the initiative will help reduce food waste at home.

“Every year, New Zealanders send more than 150,000 tonnes of food waste to landfill, much of which could be eaten. It’s not only wasting hard-earned money, but food waste is also one of the biggest carbon contributors when it sits rotting in landfill.

“That’s why we’re committed to supporting those who are looking to make every meal count with storage solutions that will mean less food waste, but also help our customers’ shopping go further,” says Copland.

“The reality is that collectable programmes themselves can also create waste, with millions and millions of stamps produced that then are simply thrown away. We want to support reducing all waste, whether that’s food or the way we’re collecting.”