Come Clean, Says Niamh


Kiwi food manufacturers are being urged to ‘come clean’ about their product packaging by a Gibbston film-maker.niamh peren

Niamh Peren, whose family owns Two Sisters Vineyard, says it’s time the Government introduced a new, simple and compulsory labelling system on all food and drink packaging…and she’s organised a petition called Thumbs Up New Zealand to do just that.

“Sure, it might be embarrassing for companies to come clean about their packaging, but the visual and upfront nature of these labels should inspire them to seek greener solutions.” Peren says. “As a small island nation, surely we have the means to create and share in a single green waste strategy that looks after our communities, our environment and our wildlife.’’

The new labelling system would see food labelled on a scale, ranging from ‘Two Green Thumbs Up’ if the packaging is 100% recyclable in New Zealand and made from 100% recycled materials, to ‘Two Red Thumbs Down’ if it is not recycled in New Zealand.

“We will need our councils nationwide to agree on a single standard of what is recyclable.”

Hundreds have already signed the petition and Peren is urging New Zealanders to support her campaign.