coffeeA whole-green coffee powder produced by a German functional ingredients developer offers drinkers better mental focus, stablised blood glucose levels and less hunger pangs, the company says.

Taiyo GmbH – a pioneer in the research and manufacture of functional ingredients for the food and beverage industries – says the coffee powder (WGCP) derived from raw coffee beans improves mental concentration for up to 6-8 hours, helps to reduce blood glucose levels and suppresses the appetite.

It contains caffeine and a wide variety of other valuable coffee bean components, such as chlorogenic acids, antioxidants, minerals and dietary fibres. “This natural raw coffee bean ingredient delivers sustained caffeine release: whereas caffeinated beverages such as coffee or energy drinks often provide a short-term peak of heightened alertness, Taiyo offers a continuous supply of caffeine for a period of 6-8 hours — without the associated side-effects of jitters, a rapid heartbeat and the well-known ‘boom and bust’ phenomenon,” the company says. “Conventional energy drinks have often been criticised for their immediate caffeine boost and subsequent period of fatigue.

Because of its sustained caffeine release, WGCP is suitable for ‘natural’ and ‘gentle’ energy products. And, as well as ‘concentration’ or ‘endurance and performance’ positionings, it can also be marketed as a weight management ingredient owing to its appetite suppressing effect.” The company says in benefitting from “excellent technological properties,” manufacturers can incorporate WGCP into a variety of food formulations such as breakfast cereals, oatmeal, granola bars and drinks, and dietary supplements such as protein powders, shots or capsules.

Taiyo processes the coffee beans using a patented technology to retain the raw material’s valuable components, and is available as a powder from Robusta and Arabica beans, which differ in terms of their caffeine content. For products requiring a stronger effect, Taiyo also develops variants that are further fortified with caffeine.

Founded in 1946, Taiyo is a leader in the development and production of emulsifiers, stabilisers, egg and tea-based ingredients and highly functional ingredients for the food industry. The company manufactures more than 2000 food formulations, processed eggs, fruit preparations, flavourings, emulsifiers, stabilisers and functional ingredients at manufacturing facilities around the world.