Cadbury New Zealand’s temporary relaunch of Caramilk – first available in 1994 – has been an unprecedented success here and in Australia for the company, with desperate Aussie Caramilk lovers paying upwards of $NZ42.50 for one $NZ3 block on Ebay. The limited edition relaunch has also spurred a petition over the ditch for the chocolate – a solid bar made of blended caramelised white chocolate – to be made available again in Australia, with petition founder Trent O’Toole saying, “Cadbury New Zealand have struck gold while many Aussie men-children like myself look on through tears of jealousy. After a night crying in my sleep as I lay in a foetal position, I woke up with a newfound purpose. It’s time for Cadbury Australia to sit up and take notice!” The chocolate, made by cooking milk and sugar together and blending it with cocoa butter – has been available for a month, after a successful five-year Facebook campaign by Caramilk lovers. It has now sold out across the country. The launch coincided with the company calling on local manufacturers to take over production of Jaffas, Pineapple Lumps, Buzz Bars and other Kiwi treats, as manufacturing at the Dunedin Cadbury plant will finish next year.