GEA Group has teamed up with foodtech start-up Better Juice to scale up its sugar reduction technology.

The partnership involves the construction and installation of an innovative sugar reduction solution.

Under the strategic partnership, GEA will engineer, design, manufacture and install the bioreactor that reduces sugars via Better Juice’s proprietary enzymatic process. Better Juice will produce the immobilised microorganisms for the enzymatic process.

The Israel-based start-up’s enzymatic technology uses all-natural ingredients to convert fructose, glucose and sucrose into prebiotic dietary fibres and other non-digestible molecules. It can reduce up to 80% of sugars in orange juice.

“This exciting collaboration marks a major milestone in Better Juice’s scale-up plans and advances the commercialisation of our technology,” says Eran Blachinsky, founder and CEO of Better Juice.

“GEA possesses a sterling reputation in the field of process technology and will be a strong engineering partner. This collaboration will allow for smooth integration of our enzymatic technology into juice production companies seeking to meet the sugar-reduction trend. It will undoubtedly open doors for us and accelerate sales growth internationally.”