Changes at NZMS Scientific reflect growing business

Katherine Campbell and Sean Downey

Katherine Campbell and Sean Downey

After eight years as scientific division manager at New Zealand Medical & Scientific, Katherine Campbell is undertaking a new role at Invisible Sentinel in the US as international sales manager and will still be involved tangentially in NZMS Scientific’s growing business in regulatory and quality testing. Katherine’s departure has meant a reshuffle in the NZMS team and she says it’s exciting times ahead for her as well as for NZMS Scientific.

“I’ve been with NZMS for eight years and it’s been rewarding and challenging. I’ve built great relationships with key people in New Zealand – in the manufacturing and regulatory industries. It’s been exciting to be involved in an industry that thrives on innovation and to see the products we provide making a difference in how food producers, winemakers and brewers optimise and ensure their safety and quality systems.”

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to work for Invisible Sentinel – a massively innovative new biotech company that has won numerous innovation awards and that has recently featured in articles in Forbes and The New York Times. I’ll continue to work with NZMS and Australian subsidiary, AMSL– bringing new technology from Invisible Sentinel to New Zealand for regulatory and quality testing,” Katherine says.

Hugh Plowright, marketing services manager, will be relocating to Sydney to continue to head marketing for NZMS and AMSL from across the Tasman. “With our NZ and Australian operations growing, the importance of working closely across both markets becomes increasingly significant, enabling us to ensure we are providing our customers with the best possible access to leading edge technologies.” Hugh says.

Sean Downey is taking over Katherine’s position as scientific division manager and Carley Sheerin has been recently appointed to business development manager. Carley has recently worked for Tatua and Hill Laboratories in quality assurance.