Bottled up: Plant-based milk bottles to land on New Zealand shelves next week


In a New Zealand first, Anchor has announced that it will be trialling new plant-based milk bottles.

Set to be available on shelves from October 13, the two-litre bottles will be made from sugarcane – a natural, renewable and sustainably-sourced material.

“This plant-based milk bottle is an important component in Fonterra’s wider sustainability strategy,” says Fonterra Brands New Zealand managing director Brett Henshaw, with the company committed to making 100 percent of its packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.

“We know sustainability is important to Kiwis and we want to offer consumers an option to make change for good – to purchase a product that comes in more sustainable packaging,” says Henshaw.

As well as being 100 percent recyclable, this new packaging material absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it grows, meaning it has a low carbon footprint. The sugarcane is ethically sourced from Brazil, where it is made into HDPE plastic.

The bottles will first be available in the North Island, before expanding to the rest of the country if the trial is successful. With 72 percent of New Zealanders concerned with the build-up of packaging in our environment, the new Anchor Blue two-litre milk bottles are sure to be a welcome sight for shoppers.