Advocado- No browning for 10 Days


New avocado technology from Queensland Company

After developing what it describes as its world-first, patented ‘no browning’ Natavo Zero avocado processing technology, Naturo All Natural Technologies launched its full range of sliced, diced and smashed avocado products for the food service industry at Asia’s leading Food and Hospitality Trade Show, HOFEX, in Hong Kong, May 7-10.

Marketed as Natavo Natural Avocado, the 100% natural avocado products will not brown for up to 10 days when refrigerated (even when the packaging has been opened) and two years when frozen and unopened.

According to Natavo, the products are a game changer for the avocado and food service industries due to the opportunity to use fresh, natural avocado in pre-prepared salads, sandwiches, sushi and ready meals which has been impossible in the past. Natavo Natural Avocado is already being sold in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines and France.

Naturo director, Ross Harris says: “The global avocado trade is valued at AUD $18 billion or approximately 5.5 million tonnes (2018), however due to the seasonality, fragility and quick-browning nature of the fruit it has been a challenging ingredient for the food service industry to use. To date, there’s been a lot of guess work, high wastage and expense.

“Our technology has changed all that as we switch off the enzyme which causes avocado to go brown, while still preserving its texture and taste.

“It’s now possible for the food service industry to access large quantities of perfectly ripe, ready-to-use, 100% pure natural avocado, with no additives or preservatives all year round.”