A new online world of real time logistics solutions


With the timely and accurate collection, transfer and management of data being every bit as important as the physical movement of goods through the supply chain, Dematic has launched a new website dedicated to making the chain smarter.

Brian Lang, general manager of Dematic’s Real Time Logistics Division, says that this initiative was customer driven and reflected the on-going development of new, smarter, integrated IT solutions for supply chains.

“The logistics IT area is so dynamic, with new technologies and software breakthroughs occurring at such a rapid rate, we felt it best to create a new portal where logistics and IT professionals could keep up to date with on-going developments,” says Mr Lang.

“Where we differ is in Dematic’s unique skills across the supply chain industry. We have the specialist experience to work in warehouses, manufacturing plants, retail operations, yards and ports, with safety compliance and the necessary knowledge to develop value-adding solutions that take into account the industrial environments in which we operate.”

The new website presents the latest information on technologies, software and applications across a broad range of supply chain applications. Some of the technologies addressed in detail by the website include voice-directed computing, wireless networks, hand held and vehicle mount computers, printers, scanners and the wireless infrastructure that connects field computing capabilities with your management information systems.

“Dematic Real Time Logistics' solutions empower managers and organisations with accurate information when and where it is needed. Decision making is enhanced, service levels are increased, and costs are reduced for real-time results,” says Mr Lang.

“Our best-in-class portfolio means that while our solutions may include technologies and software from several suppliers, our customers enjoy the benefit of single-source responsibility, which delivers the logistics results customers expect.

“Dematic also operates the largest, vendor-independent 24/7 real time logistics service network in Australasia,” he says.

Over the past decade, Dematic's Real Time Logistics group has integrated tens of thousands of wireless mobile computers across hundreds of sites throughout Asia Pacific.