Dessert fans will need to dash through the streets this month to get a taste of Pāmu’s limited edition Deer Milk gelato.

From December 12 – 24, in Auckland and Coromandel, gelato parlour Little ‘Lato will be offering Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Gelato flavour made from Pāmu’s award-winning Deer Milk.

Gelato artist Hannah Wood has teamed up with Pāmu and Little ‘Lato to create this world-first sweet treat with deer-licious results.

“Christmas is a great excuse to acquaint unexpected ingredients with each other and so when Pāmu suggested the concept of a deer milk gelato we jumped on board,” says Wood.

“A single taste of the creamy deer milk and we knew it would be a winning ingredient to make a delicious gelato.”

Pāmu Deer Milk lead, Hamish Glendinning, said he was excited to see it available for the public.

“To date, we have focused on providing Pāmu Deer Milk as a luxury ingredient though the hospitality sector, which has been very successful, with the ingredient being used across savoury and sweet dishes on menus across a range of New Zealand’s finest restaurants.

“Being able to bring the unique creamy taste to a wider market is something we have wanted to do for a while. Partnering with Hannah, who is renowned for her original and sometimes ‘out there’ flavour combinations, was a perfect fit for us.

“Pāmu Deer Milk is not your usual milk product. With double fat and double protein, deer milk offers a truly unique taste experience, and we wanted to partner with someone who shares our desire for innovation and pushing boundaries in terms of what is possible,” Glendinning says.

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Gelato will be available exclusively at Little Lato’s gelato parlours in Auckland and Coromandel from 12th to the 24th December.



What: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Gelato at Little Lato

Where: Kohimarama, Wynyard Quarter, Orewa and Hahei

When: Saturday 12th December – Thursday 24th December 2020

Cost: $6.00 for a single scoop