Food manufacturers can now automate their food safety management and improve food quality while increasing workflow efficiency.

Businesses along the food chain can now make their food safety compliance and food quality monitoring more accurate, faster and easier with the help of intelligent workflow and monitoring solutions.

Kiwi-owned OpTech company iMonitor has developed an innovative cloud-based solution that links real-time monitoring with standardised processes, saving businesses time and money while they ensure ongoing regulatory compliance.

Improved food quality

The fully integrated food quality management system enables businesses to take full control over the quality of their products and manufacturing processes. Continuous monitoring of machine performance, food quality metrics and product critical control checks ensure that customers receive a high-quality product.

Increased workflow efficiency

iMonitor’s solution offers a fully automated workflow management system that assigns tasks to each operator based on their role. The real-time monitoring system sends proactive reminders for upcoming tasks and notifications when tests are overdue.

The cloud-based app guides the operators through their tasks, giving helpful hints and access to standard operating procedures. Each measuring deviation is recorded, and the system alerts the operators or their supervisors automatically if corrective actions are needed.

Easy-to-use dashboards keep staff 24/7 in-sync and replace time-consuming, failure-prone manual tasks and paperwork. As a result, operator satisfaction is increased, and food safety culture facilitated.

Intelligent food safety management, ongoing compliance

Being fully compliant with FDA, European, New Zealand and Australian food safety acts (FSANZ), iMonitor’s real-time monitoring solution ensures ongoing regulatory compliance. It guides businesses through the whole food safety process and proactively manages the food safety plan.

Connected monitoring technologies such as infrared and penetration probes and IoT sensors measure temperatures easily and reliably. The real-time update of food safety data automates the compliance processes and ensures data integrity, eliminating human errors and data manipulation.

The food safety progress is tracked along the complete product lifecycle, ensuring a comprehensive and reliable 24/7 update on the compliance status. Moreover, accurate monitoring reduces waste and inventory losses significantly, further reducing costs and the impact on the environment.

Complete traceability

By assigning individual batch numbers to each product, iMonitor’s system helps to ensure traceability of sensitive ingredients, allergens and traceable details, such as date of delivery, delivery temperatures and process CCP’s, over the complete production process. The risk of recalls is minimised, and the brand stays protected.

About iMonitor

Founded in 2008, Kiwi-owned OpTech expert iMonitor offers food manufacturers, logistics companies, supermarkets and the hospitality industry automated food safety monitoring and quality management solutions.

For a free consultation on how to automate your food safety and food quality operations, contact iMonitor’s friendly sales team on phone 09 274 7014, via email [email protected] or visit the website