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Website expert Murdoch Razmi from Auckland’s Powerhouse Agency explains why internet profile is so important and needs to be foremost in the minds of food and beverage businesses.

Murdoch Razmi social media company profile

Murdoch Razmi, Powerhouse Agency Auckland

Why are websites/social media in general so important to businesses today?

Where’s the first place you look when you need any product or service? Google. What are two of the highest-used apps globally? Facebook and Instagram. No other platforms are able to connect you with your target market at such a deep level, so why would you not want to capitalise on this?

What common mistakes do you see regularly on websites and other social media?

The basics… lack of contact details, information, buttons don’t work etc. Websites that aren’t mobile-responsive are way too common – more than 67% of all searches online are done via mobile. If your site looks horrible, potential customers will bounce straight away. You’re literally ditching two thirds of the market.

Do New Zealand businesses take websites and social media seriously in their strategies around profile, branding and customer experience?

Not as much as they should. First impressions mean everything and having an amazing product or service means absolutely nothing if a huge portion of the market never get as far as actually being able to see it.

What should be the first checklist for businesses wanting to develop/refurbish websites?

Make sure you understand what success is for you, and build your digital strategy around that. If you’re a service business, you’ll need leads, so ensure you create an incredible customer journey that encourages prospects to get in touch with you. If you’re in e-commerce, you need to really think about all the details. Map out your entire customer journey and all possible outcomes, and ensure you have remarketed touch points to re-engage potential buyers at various levels.

What about New Zealand websites needing to cater for overseas consumers? Any tips?

Ensure you have capabilities for multiple language functions, currencies and content that speaks to each culture exclusively. Just remember, a ‘thumbs up’ here can be a ‘[email protected]#% you’ in some cultures, so make sure to do your homework. GDPR compliance is really important also.

How can businesses protect their websites/social media from being corrupted or tampered with?

Ensure all of your passwords are different for different accounts, enable two-factor authentication and use software like 1Password or LastPass to store them – do not keep hard copies.

What is coming next in website design and social media profile? Should businesses today be thinking beyond Facebook and Twitter?

This space moves so quickly! Video is already the driving force on social media, and most platforms are adjusting to cater to this, but augmented/virtual reality is going to be huge, and not too far off. Facebook is about to release AR ads, which will be a game-changer for product-based businesses. Being able to try before you buy is a great move for businesses.

Murdoch Razmi is head of strategy at Powerhouse. If you have queries on digital media that you’d like him to answer in the magazine, send questions to editor Kathryn Calvert at [email protected]

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