PH850-SS portable pH meter kit for food and semi-solid samples.

Apera Instruments provide scientific instruments and sensors for measuring pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS, salinity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and ISE with their leading technology, reliable product quality, and outstanding customer service.

QA Instruments, online supplier of quality assurance instrumentation and equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industries, says it is proud to be Apera Instruments New Zealand distributor.

“Apera Instruments have focused on the development of water analysis instruments and sensors since 1991. Apera Instruments sensor and electronics technologies have gained recognition in over 30 countries across America, Asia, and Europe. All the products are CE certified and are produced by their ISO 9001:2009 certified manufacturing factory. For over 27 years, Apera have been providing more reliable, accurate, and attainable water analysis instruments,” says the company.

Apera Instruments manufactures an extensive range of economy and professional pen type, hand-held and benchtop instruments.

Benchtop Instruments are equipped with long lasting 3-in-1 combination pH electrode and conductivity combination electrodes, measuring temperature simultaneously. They automatically recognize six types of pH standard buffer solutions and eight types of conductivity standard solutions and come with a portable electrode holder and premixed standard solutions.

Their high-quality durable pH and conductivity electrodes provide high accuracy in wide measuring ranges, with advanced digital processing technology that improves response time and accuracy of measurements. They are IP54 splashproof and dustproof.

“Aperas proprietary electrode technology and premium materials are made in Switzerland. Built with LabSen S-type hemispherical glass membrane, they feature low resistance (fast response) and high firmness. There are no more air bubbles inside the glass membrane thanks to the Swiss blue gel electrolyte. Long-life reference system improves the stability of reference electrode and extends the service life of the electrode and they are compatible with TRIS buffers.”

Instruments come with an easy multi-point auto calibration mode with auto buffer recognition, calibration guide and auto check. All instruments have automatic temperature compensation. The professional series is capable of 50 groups of data storage, max/min measuring mode, alternately displaying the maximum and minimum readings.

For further information contact QA Instruments [email protected] or 09 265 0306.