After having public APIs (Application Programming Interface) available for over three years, Autogrow is challenging other industry players to do the same and empower growers.

The company, which has its research and development centre in Auckland, is calling for more public APIs, giving increased access for growers to their own data, and fostering faster innovation in the Controlled Environment Agriculture industry.

“To date, large industry players have not publicly published APIs, but our argument is that it’s your data – you should be able to do what you want with it,” says Autogrow’s chief technology officer Jonathan Morgan.

“There can be a protectionist approach to development to dissuade people from building their own versions or integrating other products.”

Autogrow’s FarmRoad has launched their public API on a new developer portal which is product agnostic and welcomes all industry players.

“As innovation accelerates, it creates a unique challenge of being able to centralise all of your data in one place – regardless of the source,” says Morgan.