April 2018

In this Issue: 

Cover Story: Under Pressure

Innovation:  Gloves is all you need

Special Feature:  Microbiology

News: What’s happening in food technology

Last word: Jane Cunliffe

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When on holiday in Queenstown in January, I took my two small nieces to the movies. Once there, they chose some snacks to chew on, and halfway through the movie, my five-year-old niece screwed up her nose and handed me back her packet of reasonably expensive potato chips made right here in New Zealand. “They’re soft,” she complained, and when I tried them, I agreed with her. Once home, I sent an email to the company, drawing their attention to the packet and saying whilst I didn’t need a replacement, I knew how much quality control means to Kiwi food businesses and thought they’d want to know so they could investigate. To this day, I haven’t received a reply to my email…and it’s left a bad taste in my mouth. If this incident had caused a full-blown recall, what would the company have done then? That got me thinking about protocols and plans that need to be in place for consumer discontent like mine, and I asked some experts for their opinions. I hope you learn something new from their replies. Have a great April.

Kathryn Calvert

Editor NZ FOODTechnology 

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