Whittaker’s expands into Malaysia

Whittaker’s expands into Malaysia

Whittaker’s Chocolate expansion into Malaysia marks its largest expansion into Asia to date.

Coming back to the farm

Coming back to the farm

The call of home proved too strong for a high-flying Kiwi who now heads NZ’s second-biggest dairy cooperative.

Trading continues throughout flooring upgrade

Trading continues throughout flooring upgrade

Sika installed a complete flooring refurbishment for Sydney Fish Market during a live trading period.

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We have established this new section to provide information from actual case studies of food and beverage businesses that are successfully exporting. We will look into each case and obtain consultants opinions and provide seminar type articles to help potential exporters.


This section will focus on the factory interior and building. From factory design and construction through to materials, waste and heating systems, to filtering and staff safety systems.



In a competitive market, success almost always turns on the quality of ingredients and additives. This section of the magazine will focus on all ingredients from additives including colouring, emulsifiers, preservatives and sweeteners through to berries, nuts, herbs and spices, fruit and vegetables.


Logistics take effect after the food or beverage has been processed. It will include warehousing, refrigeration and cool storage, handling transportation and customs clearances for export.


Good management information is critical to the success of any business. NZ FOODtechnology will be detailing specific management areas ranging from increasing productivity to funding and protecting export revenue - down to earth practical article written by qualified people on key areas of all aspects of running a profitable business.


Each issue will feature a different aspect of food and beverage packaging. New technology, new machinery and new materials. We will present news, articles, case studies and interviews.


Increasing automation in the processing industry has not come at the expense of quality. NZ FOODtechnology will feature the latest manufacturing processes and machinery for the safe and speedy production needed in the meat, poultry, seafood and dairy industries. We will look at processing plants and the new technology needed to keep up with the continued growth of the food markets.


Testing processes that once took days are now being completed to international standards in minutes. In-house testing and monitoring are now an essential part of the food production process. Contamination or the discovery of metal particles in a food product can result in costly recalls and destroy overnight reputations which took years to develop.