July 2017


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Cover Story:  A RISKY BUSINESS- Are you prepared for a food contamination crisis?

Kiwifruit Claim – Growers hit the High Court

Special –  Foreign Matter Detection – Potato chips

Heart to Hart – Wakachangi brew

Industry Excellence – Port Nelson Top of Table


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Congratulations must be extended to Dr Helen Darling and her team at the Asia Pacific Centre for Food Integrity for the conference they organised recently that brought food claims lawyer Bill Marler to New Zealand from the United States. During his address at the event, you could have heard a pin drop, and the tales Marler told of victims of food poisoning he has represented in law suits made the hair on your neck stand up.

His story of his most famous young client (from page 14) will no doubt have the same effect on you, and his belief that food manufacturing is indeed a risky business is illustrated effectively by Brianne Kiner’s experience. “We are living in a world so connected that we can’t bury our heads in the sand and say ‘this will never happen to me in New Zealand” Marler says. If you are a food manufacturer and your food hurts or kills someone, the game’s over. “It doesn’t matter if you are a good company. You are at fault. Period.”

On a lighter note, check out a vegan’s reaction to a meat movie, have a laugh with Leigh Hart and his Wakachangi beer, and see the story of 120-year-old T&G Global (formerly Turners and Growers). Have a great July.

Kathryn Calvert

Editor NZ FOODTechnology 

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