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HCD Flow Technology

Trading as: HCD Flow Technology
0800 4 HOSES

HCD Flow Technology, offers a wide range of fluid handling and conveyor belt products to customers throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific.

With over 40 years experience dealing in fluid handling applications, HCD sales, and technical staff can offer customers cost-effective solutions for most applications. We have 9 branches conveniently located in New Zealand along with distributors located in most small cities and major towns.

HCD takes pride in representing and distributing products from worldwide leading manufacturers. Our ability to solve difficult customer applications is enhanced by being able to use the resources and technical knowledge of our suppliers.

The people who work at HCD are committed to providing a high level of customer service and technical support. If we can not immediately solve your fluid handling or conveyor application requirements, we will use the worldwide resources of our suppliers to find a solution.

Contact HCD Flow Technology to discuss your industrial hose, fitting, conveyor belt, rubber products and pumping equipment needs.

General Manager
Dave Gulliver
Sales/Marketing Manager
Cameron Caesar
Marketing Contact
Cameron Caesar
National Sales Manager
Cameron Caesar

144 Neilson Street
Auckland 1061
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 112083
Auckland 1642
New Zealand

Frankton Branch
Branch Location
18 King Street
Hamilton 3204
New Zealand
Jonathan Arkley, Branch Manager
07 847 7889
07 846 9056
Branch Postal Address
PO Box 5447
Hamilton 3242
New Zealand


Trading as: Aggreko
0800 950 950
0800 950 950

Aggreko is the global leader in the rental of power generation and temperature control solutions for major industries.

Our power, chilling and drying solutions are used by dairy processing plants, primary producers, wineries, breweries, food-storage facilities and food processors around New Zealand, for:

– Additional cooling capacity during peak seasons
– Temporary cooling and ventilation of cold storage produce, dairy or meat products
– Additional capacity for planned or unplanned shutdowns
– Chiller or cooling tower capacity supplement or augmentation
– Dry ice blasting for food packaging or processing
– Temporary cooling and ventilation to improve staff working conditions
– Industrial dehumidification of work areas or for drying food products
– Additional power during maintenance or shutdown
– Additional power for peak season
– Standby power

Our operations span across strategically positioned service depots for rapid fleet deployment across New Zealand. Contact us today on 0800 950 950.

Marketing Contact
Rhys Nasir

1048 -1050 Great South Rd
Mount Wellington
Auckland 1060
New Zealand

Postal Address

101 Woodlands Drive

Mount Wellington Branch
Branch Location
1048-1050 Great South Road
Mount Wellington
Auckland 1060
New Zealand
Martin Bowler, Area Sales Manager
0800 950 950

Hornby Branch
Branch Location
39 Braeburn Drive
Christchurch 8042
New Zealand
Jason Quinn, Area Sales Manager
0800 950 950

Apollo Projects Ltd

03 3589185

Apollo Projects are a nationwide design and build company with detailed specialist knowledge of the food processing sector. We deliver comprehensive, innovative, and highly-efficient process facilities, achieving successful project outcomes through open, honest, & constructive relationships with our clients. Through years of experience, we can save you time and money.


17 Ron Guthrey Road
Christchurch Airport
Christchurch 8544
New Zealand


Finalists have been announced for the 2019 Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design Awards (PIDA) which has been designed to recognise companies and individuals who are making a significant difference in their field across Australia and New Zealand.

The PIDA Awards are coordinated by the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) and Packaging New Zealand and are the exclusive feeder program for the prestigious WorldStar Packaging Awards. The 2019 PIDA winners will automatically be eligible for entry into the 2020 WorldStar Packaging Awards competition.

The Design Innovation of the Year company awards will recognise organisations that have designed innovative packaging within each of these five manufacturing categories:






In the sector categories, judges said they looked for entries that displayed innovative – design and thinking, technology and/or material use; benefit to consumers; functional and /or convenient elements. They also took into account design and cost elements between standard packaging and premium/promotional packaging. It is recommended that the submissions showcase an innovative solution designed either in collaboration for an existing customer or market.

2019 Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award – Beverage Category

The Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award – Beverage Category recognises organisations that have designed innovative packaging and/or materials, within packaging and processing for liquid or dry tea, coffee, water and soft drinks including wine, beer and spirits. This is a WorldStar Packaging Awards category.

2019 Finalists are: PACT Group for the New Zealand brand Lewis Road Creamery PCR 100% recycled PET milk bottle range, Moonuka Milk Limited for the world’s first Milk and Mānuka Honey beverage designed in New Zealand in an old-fashioned Aseptic PET milk bottle with a removable PET shrink sleeve, Stay tray for their reusable drink tray that is designed with 100% recycled material sourced from Australian businesses to reduce single use and Shine Drink for their custom tall and thin 400ml bottle while conjuring thoughts of health and wellbeing through bottle shape and the shrink sleeve label design.

2019 Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award – Food Category

The Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award – Food Category recognises organisations that have designed innovative packaging and/or materials, within food packaging and processing including fresh, frozen or other. This is a WorldStar Packaging Awards category.

Finalists are: Danone ELN NZ Supply Point for their sachet multipack for Aptamil and Karicare Infant Formula ranges, OJI Fibre Solutions for RJ’s Licorice open top & open front SFP that was designed to handle export from NZ to AUS as well as stacking from pallet displays straight into supermarkets, Don KRC, a Division of George Weston Foods, for their Just Add Don convenient stand-up pouch, Punchbowl Packaging for the Kaituna Blueberries peel-able, re-sealable, tamper-proof top seal fibre punnets, OJI Fibre Solutions for Turks Poultry Farm to hold 6kg of chicken in a hand-erected case and designed to be interchangeable with the 12kg cases to fit in mixed pallets, OF Packaging for the Pacific West baking pouch which is entirely oven-safe and houses the seafood product.

2019 Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award – Health, Beauty & Wellness

The Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award – Health, Beauty & Wellness Category recognises organisations that have designed innovative packaging and/or materials, within cosmetics, toiletries, personal hygiene, supplements, vitamins, perfumes, hair body and oral care. This award also covers packaging of all medicines including over the counter medicines, medical equipment packaging. This is a WorldStar Packaging Awards category.

2019 Finalists are: OJI Fibre Solutions for EcoStore gift packs that hold product in place in smaller, lighter, eco-friendly 100% recyclable and compostable boxes, Retreatment Botanics skincare range which is inspired by Gaia Retreat & Spa owner Olivia Newton-John who wanted to see a fully-sustainable skincare range in terms of ingredients, primary and secondary packaging, Impact International for the Sarah, Craig and Margorie 100% recycled PE and sugar cane PE tubes and PACT Group for the New Zealand’s Mix Ltd Essano rPET shampoo range.

2019 Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award – Domestic & Household

The Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award – Domestic & Household Category recognises organisations that have designed innovative packaging and/or materials, packaging within domestic and household items, toys, stationary, gifts, clothing, garden equipment, decorating. This is a WorldStar Packaging Awards category.

2019 Finalists are: Nulon Products Australia & Caps and Closures for the Nulon EZY-SQUEEZE fluid transfer system which replaces the traditional rigid packaging with a flexible pouch and applicator that has made accessing hard-to-reach fill points on a car quick and easy, OJI Fibre Solutions for Dynex Extrusion case that is sold into hardware stores in New Zealand but is also ready-to-go once a customer/builder takes it home to use, OF Packaging for the Kookaburra Worm Farms Flat Bottom Bag with Perforated Side Gussets.

2019 Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award – Labelling & Decoration

The Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award – Labelling & Decoration Category is designed to recognise the addition of content to a pack which creates a unique or innovative appearance, function or communication. This may include labels, sleeves, tags, coding/markings, etching, directly applied inks or by any other similar process. This is a WorldStar Packaging Award Category.

2019 Finalists are: Currie Group for their new transformational printing technology for packaging that showcases high-end printing, finishing, coding, marking and AR technology driving awareness to The Australian Rhino Project (TARP) and Metalprint Australia for Chobani Australia Spooky Vanilla Ghost Pouch.

There are three special awards available:




2019 Sustainable Packaging Design Special Award

The Sustainable Packaging Design Special Award is designed to recognise companies that have developed innovative packaging or processing solutions that incorporates sustainability considerations. Elements would include Social, Material, Source Reduction, Energy and Recovery. This is a WorldStar Packaging Awards Category.

2019 Finalists are: Detpak for the RecycleME system that provides a sustainable solution for takeaway cups, PACT Group for the New Zealand’s Mix Ltd Essano rPET shampoo range, Impact International for the Sarah, Craig and Margorie 100% recycled PE and sugar cane PE tubes, Punchbowl Packaging for the Kaituna Blueberries peel-able, re-sealable, tamper-proof top seal fibre punnets, Ranpack for their thermal paper packaging solution, PACT Group for the New Zealand brand Lewis Road Creamery PCR 100% recycled PET milk bottle range, Multivac & Greenham for Cape Grim Beef Paperboard Skin Packaging, Plantic Technologies for the NEAT Meat Tray using PLANTIC RV for skin packaging, Storopack Australia for their PAPERPlus Classic Grass Paper Packaging and Woolworths for replacing plastic trays with pulp based trays nationally into all stores for over 50 of their in-store bakery products.

2019 Save Food Packaging Design Special Award

The Save Food Packaging Design Special Award is designed to recognise companies that have developed innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that minimises food losses and food waste. This is a WorldStar Packaging Awards category.

2019 Finalists are:

Hazeldene’s Chicken Farm & Sealed Air for Cryovac Darfresh on Tray vacuum skin technology that has been engineered to address food safety, 25% extension of shelf life over the previously used Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) format, improved on-pack communication.

Plantic Technologies for the Plantic RV Material that was designed for Moana seafood company to be able to supply fresh fish to the on-line meal delivery company ‘My Food Bag’.

Flavour Creations for their pre-thickened Ready-To-Drink (RTD’s). When the RTD’s are packaged in the new Dysphagia Cup and cup holder they are designed to reduce food wastage by enabling better motor control of the drinking process, improving grip, stability and ensuring the ability to consume the full contents.

2019 Accessible Packaging Design Special Award

The Accessible Packaging Design Special Award is designed to recognise packaging that is accessible, intuitive, easy-to-open and innovative. Accessible packaging design needs to include measuring techniques, understanding injuries caused by packaging and consumer satisfaction levels with packaging accessibility.

2019 Finalists are:

SPC Ardmona for their SPC ProVital Easy-Open Diced Fruit in Jelly range that is designed for all consumers to open, including those with reduced fine motor skills, dexterity and strength and on-pack communication is clear, crisp and legible for all.

Flavour Creations for their pre-thickened Ready-to-drink (RTD) packaged in the new Dysphagia Cup and cup holder designed to specifically increase rates of hydration and decrease rates of malnutrition for residents/patients with Dysphagia.

Moana New Zealand & Sealed Air (New Zealand) for Cryovac Grip and Tear (including ‘small tab’) was designed to foster ease of use to packaged meat, poultry, seafood products for processors, food service and retail markets.

Campbell Arnott’s for their redesign of 10 SKUs from their catering (portion control packaging) range.

In addition, there are three awards designed for people who have made specific contributions to the packaging industry. These Individual Awards will include:




2019 Industry Packaging Professional of the Year Award

The Industry Packaging Professional of the Year Award is designed to recognise and acknowledge the outstanding achievements and contribution by an individual currently working within the Packaging and Processing industries. The judges are looking for individuals who have demonstrated vision and leadership, shows innovation and not afraid to take risks. For significant and continued contribution of an Individual to the packaging and Processing industry over a minimum period of 25 years.

2019 Finalists are: Terry Waterson FAIP, Director, Metalprint Australia, Elizabeth Kasell, Chief Executive Officer, RED Group and Joseph Foster MAIP, Co-Founder & Director, OF Packaging.

2019 Packaging New Zealand Scholarship

The Packaging New Zealand Scholarship is seeking a Packaging professional that is looking to further their education by offering them a scholarship to enrol in the Diploma in Packaging Technology.

2019 Finalists are: Poonam Patel, Senior Packaging Technologist, Goodman Fielder, Tunde Lovestyan, Sales & Business Development Manager, Punchbowl Packaging and Saurabh Mishra and Packaging Development Technologist, Griffins Foods Limited.

2019 Young Packaging Professional of the Year Award

The purpose of the Young Packaging Professional of the Year Award is to provide incentive and recognition to young professionals who are both currently working in and wish to continue their career path within the Packaging & Processing industry.

2019 Finalists are: Lily Barnett, Program Coordinator, APCO, Clement Jamet, Packaging Development Technologist, Danone ELN, and Karunia Adhiputra AAIP, Packaging Technologist – Technical & Production, Nestle Australia.

Coordinated by the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), and Packaging New Zealand the 2019 Australasian PIDA winners will be announced at a gala dinner on the 30th of April at SOFITEL Wentworth, Sydney, NSW, Australia.


Directus International


At Directus we have an expert, global knowledge when it comes to the food and beverage industry, and over 40 years of experience backing us. With offices around the Asia-Pacific Rim in Hong Kong, the USA, Australia and New Zealand, we supply ingredients and finished products to numerous great companies around the world. We also have the ability to provide process and pack technologies, along with product innovation and development.
The key areas we operate in are:
Food Ingredients
Finished Products
Market Knowledge & Innovation


Suite 2, Level 1, Heards, 168 Parnell Rd
Auckland 1052
New Zealand

Cuddon Ltd

Trading as: Cuddon Freeze Dry
03 578 4299

Cuddon Freeze Dry products are the benchmark for quality in sublimation solutions and provide a turn-key solution, managing the delivery, onsite installation, commissioning, staff training and supply documentation.


18 McArtney Street

Blenhiem 7301
New Zealand

Lewis & Barrow Ltd

03 366 4320
365 7069

Lewis & Barrow is a multi-disciplined Professional Consulting Engineering Firm specializing in all areas of structural and civil engineering design, documentation, project management and architectural design.

We can start with you from the beginning –
Our expertise in providing site investigation and feasibility, through the concept and development stages, leading into tender and construction of the project will ensure your project is delivered to the highest standard in the most innovative and efficient manner.

Lewis & Barrow specializes in providing affordable, innovative and practical design solutions aimed at saving the Client time and money. Computer aided drawing (CAD) is used extensively to produce high-quality, clear and accurate plans that enable projects to be completed efficiently and with certainty, minimizing costly on-site delays and contract variations.

Our staff are all long standing and its to our satisfaction the relationships we build with our clients. You can be sure you will be dealing with the same person on repeat business where appropriate.

The majority of our work comes from the Canterbury Region, however work has been undertaken all over New Zealand and occasionally overseas.

Senior Engineer
Nigel Hogg

8/357 Madras Street

Christchurch 8013
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 13-282 St Asaph St
Christchurch 8141
New Zealand


Wiley – the project delivery company. We design build and maintain food facilities.

Almost a century of experience in designing, engineering and constructing food facilities makes Wiley the trusted choice for many of the world’s leading food brands—and a uniquely qualified advisor to the increasingly complex food industry.
Every facility is unique; we work closely with you to ensure the facility suits your specific needs. Whether you are expanding, upgrading, considering your energy consumption, processing efficiencies, consolidating or building a new meat processing plant we are designed to perform – we make your business’ future a reality.
We can provide a variety of services and contract delivery models Including: hourly rates, fixed price construction tenders, Design Build, EPC and BOOT.

Chief Strategy Officer
Brandon Miller


KDI Ingredients

+64 7 808 0400
021 713 984

Supplier of novel ingreients for food, beverage and dietary supplements.
Fibafit (NZ apple fibre)
Amino acids for sports nutrition
A comprehesive range of vitamins and vitamin premixes
Minerals and mineral premixes
Mineral yeasts
Botanical extracts
– Plant antioxidants
– Astaxanthin
– Lutein
– Carotenoids
– Mushroom powders
Organic plant and fruit powders
Marine products
Natural Sweeteners

We have a New Product Development lab for rapid prototyping and formulation development.

General Manager
Tony Dowd
Sales/Marketing Manager
Grant Washington-Smith

Waikato Innovation Park
1 Melody Lane
Hamilton 3216
New Zealand



METTLER TOLEDO is a leading global manufacturer of precision instruments. The Company is the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of weighing, analytical and inspection solutions for use in laboratory, industrial, food retailing applications, and food production and packaging. The Company also holds top-three market positions for several related analytical instruments and is a leading provider of automated chemistry systems used in drug and chemical compound discovery and development.
Additional information about METTLER TOLEDO can be found at

Country Manager – New Zealand
Andy Cashen

Centre of Excellence – 18a Maui Street, Pukete
Te Rapa
Hamilton 3200
New Zealand

Postal Address

P.O.Box 76-165
Manukau City
Auckland 2104
New Zealand

Jonassen Industrial Projects Limited

Trading as: Jonassen Industrial Projects Limited
09 479 3952
021 988 453
09 479 3954

Jonassen Industrial Projects Limited provides turnkey solutions to reduce wastewater generation and assess resource recovery and reduction of water usage within the factory. Offering cost effective treatment solutions JIPL provides innovative wastewater technologies and delivers total treatment solutions.
Representing leading-edge innovators JIPL supplies equipment for:
• Technology –turnkey systems e.g., SBR/MBR
• Aeration and mixing including blowers
• Thickening and dewatering – DAF, centrifuges, belt, screw and plate presses
• Sludge conditioning
• Metal membranes – technology for resource recovery within manufacturing processes
JIPL has access to the world’s leading experts, and provides full process design, supply, build and commission of wastewater treatment/ resource recovery plants.

Chris Jonassen

85 Oteha Valley Road
Auckland 0632
New Zealand

Postal Address

85 Oteha Valley Road
Auckland 0632
New Zealand

Matcon Limited

+44 1386 769000

Matcon, a division of IDEX MPT, Inc. has been providing systems for efficient and flexible processing of powders, granules and tablets since 1980. Central to our Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) technology is the Cone Valve, offering automatic and controlled discharge of virtually any powder type. Cohesive materials are stimulated to flow, whilst free-flowing powders are controlled. Our Cone Valve has continually proven to overcome the traditional powder handling issues of bridging, rat-holing, segregation and degradation. We have implemented a wide range of systems from simple decoupling of a fixed mixer to improve throughput to a complex multi-batch, multi-mixer, fully tracked system. With a diverse national and multi-national customer portfolio, we apply our commitment to innovation, continuous product development and thorough consideration of our customers’ process needs and objectives, to deliver IBC solutions which benefit our customers with increased productivity, improved process efficiency and reduced manufacturing costs.

Marketing Contact
Kathryn Perry
Global Systems Director
Andre Goodson

Bramley Drive
Vale Park
Evesham WR11 1JH
United Kingdom

New Jersey Branch
Branch Location
1835 Underwood Boulevard, Suite 2, Delran
New Jersey
Dan Ruble, Vice President
001 856 256 1330

Shanghai Branch
Branch Location
Room 3502-3505, No. 1027 Changning Road, Zhaofeng Plaza, Changning District
Robin Zhang, Regional Sales Manager
00 86 21 5241 5599

Mumbai Branch
Branch Location
Solitaire Corporate Park, S14, 1st Floor, 167 Hargovindji Marg, Chakala, Andheri (East)
Sushil Rajguru, Regional Sales Manager
+91 22 6643 5555

Queensland Branch
Branch Location

David Newell, General Manager & Business Development Director - Asia Pacific region
+61 401 344 161

James & Wells

0800 INNOV8

James & Wells is New Zealand’s leading intellectual property law firm with a dedicated specialist Food and Beverage Innovation team. With offices throughout the country, we can assist businesses to own, control and leverage their brands and innovations both locally and internationally.
We are experts in all aspects of intellectual property, but we go the extra mile to provide clients with connections to the right people, funding and investment opportunities, and offer strategic business advice. We facilitate valuable networking events and educate on the use of intellectual property rights to grow business. That’s why we are the ‘Champions of Innovation’.
We have the largest and most formidable intellectual property litigation team in New Zealand; we employ leading experts in all major technical fields, and are the go-to firm for doing business in Asia.

Sales/Marketing Manager
Emily Agnew
Marketing Contact
Naomi Smith
Food & Beverage Innovation Manager
Carrick Robinson

123 Carlton Gore Road
Auckland 1023

Sulkem – Division of Bluerock Ltd.

Trading as: Sulkem
09 304 0550
09 379 5910

Sulkem proudly remains a wholly New Zealand owned private company after more than half a century of operation. We offer a wide variety of innovative and creative ingredients for the food processing industry. In addition we also provide products such as winemaking enzymes, yeasts, mannoproteins and nutrients for the winemaking industry. We provide excellent customer service and have local warehousing facilities and distribution.

Sales/Marketing Manager
Ken Peat
Business Development Manager
Peter Morgan

Unit B, 373 Neilson Street
Auckland 1061
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 90998
Auckland 1142
New Zealand

Brooke Holdings

Trading as: Brooke Fine Foods
09 918 8470

Brooke Fine Foods are importers and distributors of quality food solutions. We specialise is bulk food ingredients, covering a wide range of dried vine, tree and tropical fruit, nuts, grains and seeds, beans and lentils, vinegar, puree, starch’s and flours, peanut butter, canned goods, snacks, mixes and specialty products. We also represent some iconic international brands such as Mrs Balls, Peppadew, Yes You Can and our very own pre-pack range, Summer Harvest.
Brooke Fine Foods supplies private label products within the NZ & Australian grocery sector, we’re able to source a selection of items from around the globe.

Our fundamental philosophy is to provide our clients with a comprehensive, high quality, product range that represents good value. We firmly believe in long-term relationships both with clients and suppliers as we believe that long-term relationships foster consistently better business.

Business Manager
Maria Plank

9A Apollo Drive
Auckland 0632
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 302-118
North Habour
Auckland 0751
New Zealand

Filtercorp International Limited

0800 481 9999
+64 9 481 9999

Filtercorp is the pre-eminent provider of filtration product and services enabling a cleaner tomorrow. Experts in Dust Management, Ventilation Systems, Flexible Connectors, Liquid Filtration – and now teamed up with a world leader in Industrial and Commercial Fans. Our range of fans will blow you away!

General Manager
Rhys Williams

17-21 Kawana Street
Auckland 0627
New Zealand

Bromley Branch
Branch Location
7 Expo place
Christchurch 8062
New Zealand
Tracey Manaena, Customer Service
+64 3 377 9200
+64 3 377 9212

Northcote Branch
Branch Location
17-21 Kawana Street
Auckland 0627
New Zealand
Angela Hogan, Customer Service Manager
+64 9 481 9999
+64 9 483 4355

Fresco NZ Ltd

09 576 7013
9 576 2868

Our slogan “Your Powder Handling Partner” embodies the passion we have for our industry, bulk materials handling.
Primarily our bulk material handling systems and solutions focus on powder materials in Dairy, Food & Beverage, Chemical and Water Treatment.
Dedicated to the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of Bulk Materials Handling and Processing Equipment, Fresco Systems Australasia offers single items through to turn-key projects, engineered and manufacture in-house.

Regional Fresco offices provide local supper with personnel dedicated to customer needs, offering support in sales, project engineering, installation supervision, commissioning and after sales service.

A comprehensive range of Fresco-designed and manufacture equipment supported by international technologies and supply agreements, ensures our customers receive the latest proven technology.

Our flexible, broad-based manufacturing facilities ensures ruggedly constructed, quality assured, timely delivered products, compliant with the highest International Standards.

With independent certification in Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental Standards, all engineered solutions are designed incorporating these philosophies ensuring worker ergonomics, safety and sustainability are integral to the overall design.

Sales Engineer
Peter Anstice

61 Ben Lomond Crescent
Pakuranga Heights
Auckland 2010
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 58259
Auckland 2163
New Zealand


0508 001122

AsureQuality are global experts in food assurance, with a scientific and agricultural heritage of over 100 years. AsureQuality provides a wide range of services to the entire food supply chain from an extensive range of laboratory testing and industry-specific training, through to independent and integrated inspection, verification and certification services.


7a Pacific Rise
Mt Wellington
Auckland 1060
New Zealand

Cream Innovative Trading Platform

Trading as: Cream Limited
+64 9 887 4135

Cream is a customised B2B marketplace/trading software platform for primary industries like Dairy, Meat, Seafood, Sugar and Honey that facilitates high-value trade, globally. Buyers and sellers have access to market prices instantly and can therefore place offers & bids in just two clicks, as opposed to the old way of making phone calls and exchanging multiple emails. We have digitised trade for some of the biggest European companies including Arla foods and Hogwegt International. Whether you are a big ingredient supplier, manufacturer, trader or a buyer, we can help you streamline your sales & procurement process and subsequently increase your revenues. Get your own branded mobile + desktop enabled trading platform at NO upfront costs. We provide full on-boarding, 24/7 support and marketing assistance. Talk to us today for a free demo.

General Manager
Kevin O’ Sullivan
Sales/Marketing Manager
Sakshi Anand
Marketing Contact
Sakshi Anand
Marketing Manager
Sakshi Anand

587, Mt. Eden Road
Mt. Eden
Auckland 1024
New Zealand

London Branch
Branch Location
71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden
United Kingdom
Michael Vaughan,
+44 20 3870 4450

Temprecord International Ltd

Trading as: Temprecord International Ltd
09 2749825

Temprecord International Ltd manufactures temperature and humidity data loggers and exports worldwide, providing solutions to help preserve your valuable products during the cold chain. Made with FDA approved food grade plastic.

Temprecord offers calibrated and validated loggers for processing, storage and transport and HACCP regulations. All Temprecord software is Free of charge.

Temprecord is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration Laboratory Standards and specialises in calibrated data loggers with corrections built in to the logger across a wide temperature range, not just at nominated points. No need for a correction formula to be applied to the downloaded data, removing the potential for error, therefore saving time and money and providing peace of mind.

General Manager
Sandy Keenan
Sales/Marketing Manager
Kieran Ritchie
Marketing Contact
Kieran Ritchie
Brand Manager & Sales Support
Kieran Ritchie

239d Burswoord drive
Auckland 2013
New Zealand

Postal Address

239d Burswoord drive
Auckland 2013
New Zealand