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What if it was possible to get the same nutritional value of leafy green vegetables but from the food we love to eat? The folks at Leaft Foods think they might have found a solution.

Founded in 2019, by John and Maury Leyland Penno, Leaft Foods Ltd is aiming to create a range of new food products using the plant protein RuBisCO.

The protein is found in all green leafy vegetables and has high nutritional value and a lighter environmental footprint than traditional animal or grain-based sources of protein.

General manager Ross Milne says there are two drivers behind what the company is trying to achieve.

“Firstly, we’re trying to extract a protein out of green leafy material to use as a food ingredient. The RuBisCo protein that we are targeting is relatively well-known to the plant science community but not to food consumers,” he says.

“RuBisCo is a really interesting protein. It is white, tasteless, and odourless. While that might not sound very interesting from a food point of view, from a protein ingredient perspective, those are some fantastic qualities.”

The protein has an amino acid profile which is comparable to an animal derived protein – often one of the challenges faced by others working with current plant protein products.

“We’re also excited about the protein functionality that we’ve seen to date. Its gelling and foaming properties and its solubility. From a food technology point of view that’s what gets us really excited because it opens up doors to other opportunities in terms of how we could integrate it into a whole raft of products.

“Secondly, what we’re looking to develop is a new opportunity for our farmers to increase the environmental sustainability of our food systems.

“We are experts in New Zealand in terms of growing pasture. Our focus at Leaft Foods is to utilise our expertise, work with pastures that farmers are already familiar with and grab the protein from there.”

Somewhat ironically, Milne moved back from Copenhagen, Denmark to work on this project after leaving his job in the dairy industry. “I slipped through the fence onto the other side,” he says with a laugh.

“It’s a privilege to work on something like this. It’s very aspirational in that we want to make a real positive impact on the environment and give farmers an opportunity to be involved in plant protein, in conjunction with their existing farming systems, in an economically viable way. For me personally, to have the opportunity to come back to New Zealand and be involved in and lead a project like this, is really exciting.”

An early indicator that they were on to something special came when the Leaft team used their ingredient to make a pavlova. And it worked!

“We’re a Kiwi start-up company so we thought what better way to test our product.

“Egg white protein is really interesting because it can form a bake stable foam, so if you want to use a substitute it has to also be something that also does this. We noticed that our protein had this potential.”

Other plant-based egg substitutes have the basic functionality however are carbohydrate-based rather than protein based and therefore do not match the nutrition profile of egg white.

“We substituted out the egg white and put in our protein to deliver on both functionality and nutrition with great results on the first test bake,” Milne says.

The trial pavlova was enjoyed at the Leaft Foods end of year Christmas party in 2019 by the team who were pleased with the results.

“It got us really excited because it demonstrated what our product could do. Now it’s about building on the research to develop a paddock to plate commercial food system. We know the opportunity is there, and we still have a significant research and development program ahead of us.”

Milne hopes New Zealanders will see this research and development as an opportunity and will step up to take on challenges and changes and lead the way on journey to build a new industry.

“There’s a lot of synergies between existing agricultural systems and what we’re working on and they can be co-beneficial. There is a unique opportunity, we’ve got really great people in New Zealand and there is a significant shift in consumer habits globally. Therefore, if we maintain our momentum on this, we have the opportunity to develop new products and be ahead of the game.”

Advanced Packaging Systems Ltd

09 966 3360

Advanced Packaging Systems Limited are a specialist importer of High Quality Processing and Packaging Machinery for the Food, Confectionery, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Poultry, Seafood and Chemical Industries.
We have over 30 Years Experience in working with the unique requirements of our New Zealand customers.
The range of machines we can offer include Equipment such as High Shear Mixers, Sifters, Sieves and Screeners, Self-Cleaning Filters, Particle Size Reduction Milling Machines, Wire Belt Conveyors, Wafer Ovens, Extruders and Guillotines, and Egg Grading Machines.
Our reputation precedes us for delivering the same impeccable service each and every time. Ask us for assistance today.


Sales Engineer
Mike Rushworth

Unit 7, 10 Canaveral Drive
Auckland 0632
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 305 531 Triton Plaza

Auckland 0757
New Zealand


A New Zealand tech company could be on track to solving labour shortage problems faced by US vegetable growers and removing herbicides from the farming process at the same time.

Greentech Robotics, based in Palmerston North and founded by Don Sandbrook, specialises in automated seeding, harvesting and high-density salad mix and baby carrots.

Now with increasing pressure on growers in terms of labour costs and the outlawing of herbicides in many countries, the Greentech Robotics team are developing a robot that could replicate the accuracy of a human-being with a hoe and potentially removing the need for herbicides altogether.

But this doesn’t come without its challenges says Greentech Robotics director Rob Baan.

“The difference between us and most of the other groups working in this space around the world is that we are looking at an extraction option. That is technically a lot harder because we have to get a lot closer to the plant and the weeds to extract them.”

Baan says one of the real challenges facing the development of this product is that the vegetables they are working around have usually been trench planted. This means the seeds have been sown in a controlled environment and then transplanted into fields where they are left to mature into fully grown crops.

When these plants are transplanted, they are given a boost of fertiliser to ensure they get a good start.

“The problem here is that weeds like the fertiliser just as much,” says Baan. “Therefore, there’s a tendency for the weeds to congregate around the vegetable plants and that is the most difficult place to get to when you want to extract weeds.

“Traditionally vegetable growers would either spray against those weeds indiscriminately or use human being and a hoe to extract the weeds.”

Baan says in California grows approximately 45% of all vegetables consumed in the US and most of the weeding is done by immigrant labour with a hoe.

“During the last four years under Trump presidency there has been a lot of noise around immigrant labour, so there’s even more pressure on growers to find alternative solutions rather than using seasonal workers because it’s harder to get people into the country.”

This has meant that labour costs have risen and farmers are looking for alternative options he says.

Greentech Robotics has been supplying seeding equipment to the American market for 25 years and Baan believes this will help immensely when introducing the robotic weeders.

“Our ultimate aim is to do mechanical extraction using our robotic weeder,” he says.

“Our robots will probably be capable of doing micro-spraying as well, but we will also have robots that will be capable of mechanical removal. Herbicides are being outlawed in many countries because there is a lot of pressure from environmental groups to remove them. Our aim is for no chemical herbicides to be used at all.”

Trials are currently taking place in New Zealand however Covid-19 has affected the development process significantly.

“We are doing trials on the weed spider here but we need to get a lot of data about the crops and weeds in California as that’s our target market. The problem is that we haven’t been able to get into the market. We had planned 4 field trips in 2020 and we weren’t able to go on any of them.

“That has hampered our development because we need to learn about all the different weed species and how they perform when you try to extract them.”

Nevertheless, the team have their fingers crossed for a field trip to take place in June 2021.

Baan says regardless of these hurdles, to pull of this technical goal is a major achievement.

“Founder and chief executive Don Sandbrook and myself have met with many other groups around the world that are also trying to develop this type of technology. They are all working on something along the lines of what we are doing but I think we are reaching for the skies.

“We have set our sights very high. As far as the technical difficulties that we need to overcome, they are probably higher than most because we are trying to emulate a human with a hoe and that is not easy. Most of the other groups have set their sights more on being accurate using micro-spraying technology.”

But for Baan, it’s the people that is key to the company’s success and drive.

“It’s that enthusiasm you get exposed to. Everybody is enthusiastic about the project and it’s a nice team to be able to interact with. That’s a privilege,” he says.

HEALTH FROM THE INSIDE: Capitalising on the growing trend of organic products

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have been increasingly seeking health and wellness products. In response to this, CSL Centro Sperimentale Del Latte has developed Florganic Probiotics.

A growing market

According to the 2018 Organic Aotearoa New Zealand (OANZ) Market report, New Zealand’s total organic products market is valued at around $600 million, and has grown by 30% since 2015.

A global leader in probiotic manufacturing, CSL says their new product is designed to give food and beverage brands an opportunity to capitalise on this increasing demand for clean, natural and organic products.

“The New Zealand industry can benefit from not just local consumer interest in organic products, but also increased interest from international markets where organic foods continue to be a strong desire for health-conscious consumers,” says CSL Asia Pacific chief executive officer John Goebel.

“We believe the Florganic Probiotics range is innovative in its production and certification as it helps organic-focused brands to further deliver on their brand promise.

“Unlike probiotics which are not certified organic products, the Florganic Probiotic range still delivers clinically studied strains with the added quality appeal of being a certified organic product.”

Available in a powdered blend form, the probiotic range can be added to milk powders, supplements, infant formula, health and wellness powder, drinks, liquid drops, yoghurts, chocolate and meal replacement shakes.

The benefits of probiotics

Defined as living microorganisms, probiotics can provide a range of health benefits when consumed in certain quantities.

Well-documented lactobacillus strains, such as a Synbio® blend, Lactobacillus rhamnosus CRL1505 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus SP1 are on offer in the Florganics range. A leading Bifidobacteria strain is also available in the certified organic offering of Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactic BLC1.

Probiotic strains such as these have a number of health benefits, including:

  • Immune system stimulation
  • Lowering of blood ammonia
  • Reduced serum cholesterol
  • Strengthened mucosal barriers
  • Alleviation of lactose intolerance
  • Improved synthesis of B vitamins.

Probiotics in diary products

A number of studies have shown that probiotic bacteria have an improved survival and efficacy when delivered through milk, compared to any other medium.

Yoghurt, ice cream and cheese can also be made with the incorporation of probiotics. However, they don’t all respond the same.

Special care must be taken to ensure that the growth of an added probiotic culture in fermented milk products does not compromise the sensory profile of the product. This means that extra diligence must be taken during the prototype development, as well as during commercial production.

Meanwhile, ice cream can accommodate probiotics for a longer period (one year or more when stored at the correct temperature) than any other dairy product due to its frozen format. Cheese can also be an ideal carrier of probiotic additives thanks to a high fat and low water content – an ideal condition for probiotics.


+61 414 555 255

Hb-technik develops, tests and provides a comprehensive range of ingredient handling equipment. As pioneers in the food production industry over 30years there are solutions for small and large manufacturing clients. The unique customised systems can handle management of fast moving high volume product of wet and dry ingredients and as well as bulk handling.

With extensive Asia Pacific facilities and world wide expertise this is a best in class solution for your facility. The range includes, Silo Systems, Ingredient Systems, Conveying Systems, Liquid Systems. These systems are adaptable to meet any complex food production environment.

General Manager
Gerhard Langreiter
Sales/Marketing Manager
Anthony Miller

Unit 61a Bridge Street
NSW 2073

Roxset Australia

+612 9988 4822

Roxset is the #1 Applicator of Food Grade HACCP Coatings to the Food & Beverage Industry. Over 30 years the company has been supplying top tier companies with turn key hygienic coatings and bespoke solutions for clients with Meat, Seafood, Baking, Hospitality, Wine and Beer processing facilities.

The Roxset SE product range is impervious, non slip, highly durable, and long lasting. Clients can select colour matching or from Roxset’s extensive colour range. This locally manufactured unique coating is Non Toxic and VOC free and comes with extensive warranties.

General Manager
Bruce Willan
Sales/Marketing Manager
Susan Hutchinson

Unit 16, 19-23 Bridge Street
Sydney 2072

TSC Label Printers

0800 603 603
09 827 6567

TSC have been manufacturing label printers since 1991 and have supplied over 5 million printers into the market in over 90 countries. They are an award winning, top-5 global manufacturer of label printers worldwide, with a market share of over 33% in the USA and Asia, and over 40% in India.
Within the last few years TSC have completely refreshed its range of printers from the desktop through to the heavy duty industrial printers.
As the New Zealand authorised partner of TSC , Techspan Industrial Printing Systems offer the full range of TSC label printers, available on our dedicated e-commerce web site, or direct from Techspan.
Techspan backs up its sales with in-house support, remote training, setup and service support. Loan printers are also available if required for return to base repairs.
For printer information and to save money on your label printing consumables, please do not hesitate to contact Craig, Warren or Jon with any enquiries on –
0800 603 603 or visit our e-commerce website

General Manager
Jon Fastnedge
Sales/Marketing Manager
Craig Iversen – Technical sales
Marketing Contact
Warren Hadler – Technical sales
Technical sales & service
Ant Coyle

1 Portage Road
New Lynn
Auckland 0600
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 15262
New Lynn
Auckland 0640
New Zealand

Cormack (NZ) Ltd

Trading as: Cormack Packaging
0800 528 666
09 479 5789
021 774 895

Cormack Packaging can provide a wide range of closure solutions for specialty and mass-market food packaging applications. Whether you are looking for convenience, enhanced product dispensing, ease of use, or all three, we are confident we can provide you with something that will meet your requirements. CRC Closures, TE Caps, Flip Caps, Spray Pumps & Spray Triggers.

Cormack represents in New Zealand many of the world’s leading packaging companies, including Silgan, Berry Plastics, Moldrite, Comar, Menshen, and many others as well as our own manufacturing site in Sydney.

Cormack realises that its future success relies on its ability to provide its customers with innovative packaging solutions that add excitement to its customers’ brands. We achieve this by delivering to the New Zealand market the latest in Asia, American and European ideas and employing an in-house design team.

Sales/Marketing Manager
Martin Taylor
NZ Sales Manager
Martin Taylor

34 Apollo Drive
Mairangi Bay
Auckland 0632
New Zealand

Woolpack NZ Pty Ltd

Trading as: Planet Protector Packaging

Planet Protector Packaging manufactures an environmentally responsible insulated packaging technology called Woolpack that aims to reduce B2B and B2C use of expanded polystyrene (EPS). Woolpack technology uses sheep’s wool unsuitable for the textile industry, which is normally designated a waste product and destined for landfill.

Until now, there has been no EPS alternative that has delivered equivalent thermal performance while remaining price competitive and being easily diverted from landfill.

The solution is ideal for companies trying to deliver goods which experience cold-chain interruptions before delivery or where a package may sit outside of a home or office before collection.

We work in the food, seafood and pharmaceutical spaces, with a large range of standard and customisable offerings. Come join our flock!

General Manager
Joanne Howarth
Sales/Marketing Manager
Tina Thomas
Marketing Contact
Zoe Davidson
Marketing and Design
Zoe Davidson

1/85 Onehunga Mall Rd
Auckland 1061

EQM Industrial


EQM Industrial are a leading New Zealand supplier of electric drive products, conveyor systems and packing equipment.
We stock a huge range of equipment and componentry for a wide range of industries including food, engineering & manufacturing.


518 Omahu Road

Hastings 4120
New Zealand

Zip-Pak Australia – an ITW Company

Trading as: Zip-Pak
+61 3 87958299

Today’s consumers choose products in packaging that offers greater convenience, reliable containment and sustained freshness.
Zip-Pak resealable solutions meet and exceed those demands, creating brand distinction, consumer preference and outstanding performance on store shelves and in the home.

With an unmatched global network of innovative resealable products, manufacturing capabilities, equipment and technical support Zip-Pak makes it easy to add consumer preferred convenience and proven zipper technology to your products.

Sales Manager – Australia & New Zealand
Michael Debono

Unit 1 77-89 Remington Drive
Dandenong South
Victoria 3175

Postal Address

Unit 1 77-89 Remington Drive
Dandenong South
Victoria 3175

Butler Techsense Limited

09 265 0306
021 781072

With 20 years of experience in industrial instrumentation, Butler Techsense is a proven supplier of environmental monitoring solutions for GMP, scientific and food production industries.
In a demanding operation our customers must have reliable and accurate devices that give them the measurements they demand. Butler Techsense delivers field-proven technologies that can handle demanding conditions and challenges that allows our customers to maximize the performance, profitability and most importantly the quality compliance aspects of their business. Online affiliates, QA Instruments and The Temperature Shop offer our customers instrumentation products and services through a convenient web presence.

General Manager
John Butler
Marketing Contact
Caroline Butler

353 New North Road
Auckland 1021
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 56-156
Dominion Road
Auckland 1446
New Zealand

Nerang Branch
Branch Location
Unit 11, 39 Lawrence Dr
Queensland 4211
John Butler, Managing Director
+61 1800 955 934

HJ Langdon Pty Ltd

Trading as: Langdon
+64 9 270 2040

Fifth-generation family owned and run; Langdon has been the supplier of choice for New Zealand and Australia’s favourite food manufacturers for over 168 years.

Our reputation for safe, reliable and technically superior ingredients starts with our global supply chain and trusted long-term supply partners – ensuring you receive the same quality product, on time, every time.

Specialists in herbs, spices, nuts, seeds and dried fruit, our extensive portfolio also includes:

• Dehydrated vegetables
• Bakery products
• Savoury ingredients
• Health & wellness products
• Functional ingredients
• Plant based
• Botanicals
• Flavours
• Nutritional yeasts and yeast extracts

With commercial and warehouse operations across ANZ, Asia and the UK & Ireland, we are at the forefront of food trends, providing access to emerging flavour profiles and challenging the way our customers think about and create food.

Let our onsite product development specialists and world-class ingredients bring your food ideas to life!

General Manager
Kenny Pihema
Sales/Marketing Manager
Tessa Evertzen
Marketing Contact
Lisa Malone
Business Manager – NZ
Kenny Pihema

11 Rakino Way
Mt Wellington
Auckland 1060
New Zealand

Derriumut Branch
Branch Location
525 Mt Derrimut Road
VIC 3030
Shaun Borg, Head of Sales - Australia
+61 3 8360 2600


Seal House Ltd

0800 732 573
09 274 8919

Seal House has been at the forefront of offering sealing solutions to a wide range of industries for four decades. We supply OEM equipment manufacturers and also support the needs of maintenance engineers across the length and breadth of New Zealand.

With four experienced Sales Engineers covering the country, we are able to supply high quality standard and custom seals, gasketing and extrusion for almost all applications including hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, beverage filling equipment, and processing machinery.

We have CNC machines on site operated by trained machinists, capable of making custom seals from a range of materials up to 600mm in diameter. Those materials include NBR, HNBR, Viton, EPDM, polyurethane, PTFE and silicone.

We also supply a range of seals, gaskets and hoses with FDA “3A” approval for applications where the highest quality and dependability is required.

Talk to us about your requirements!

General Manager
Matt Cook

42 Hobill Avenue
Manukau City 2104
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 74022
Auckland 2241
New Zealand



Machinerysales is a 12 page classified newspaper distributed within NZ Engineering News listing the latest new and used engineering machinery and equipment. Published 11 times a year and distributed the 1st week of the month.

General Manager
Andy Hobbs

Level 1, 16 Byron Ave
Auckland 0622
New Zealand

 Postal Address

PO Box 33146
Auckland 0740
New Zealand

Chantal Organics Ltd

0800 254 766
027 664 9995

Chantal Organics began in 1978, in Hawkes Bay, when a group of like-minded people shared a vision of healthier food for their families. They formed a co-operative to buy organic and natural wholefoods. One of the families had a daughter named Chantal, so the name Chantal Organics is a reminder that organic and natural whole foods care for our families, our environment, and future generations.
The Chantal Organics business was purchased from members of the founding families by the Kraus family in August 2016 and is still completely NZ owned and operated.
Chantal Organics is now a nationwide manufacture and wholesaler, distributing organic products into grocery and green stores and making award winning spreads and breakfast cereals from our production facility in the Hawke’s Bay.
We also have a strong bulk foods business, which supports consumers in buying plastic-free via various bulk-refill outlets throughout the country, as well as supplying manufacturers such as bakers and other food producers with the highest quality organic ingredients.

Bulk Ingredients | Key Account Manager
John French

93 Austin Street
Napier 4110
New Zealand


Trading as: ABB Limited

ABB is a leading global technology company that energizes the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future.

By connecting software to its electrification, robotics, automation and motion portfolio, ABB pushes the boundaries of technology to drive performance to new levels. With a history of excellence stretching back more than 130 years, ABB’s success is driven by about 110,000 talented employees in over 100 countries.

Our expertise in every F&B segment, from sugar production to beverage bottling, means we understand that everyone’s needs are different. We take the time to get to know your business and unique challenges before providing our recommendations.

Our consultative approach ensures that we arrive at the best solution for your specific needs.

General Manager
Ewan Morris
Sales/Marketing Manager
Johan van der Westhuizen
Marketing Contact
Sophie Neate
Business Development Manager – Food & Beverage Sector
Johan van der Westhuizen

83 Grafton Road
Auckland 1010
New Zealand

Postal Address

Private Bag 92609
Symonds Street
Auckland 1150
New Zealand

Anton Paar New Zealand Limited

Trading as: Anton Paar New Zealand Limited
+64 9 414 3190

Anton Paar develops and manufactures analytical instruments generating reliable data that enables food companies to proceed with confidence in product development, production and quality control. Anton Paar is a world leader in the measurement of density, concentration of dissolved CO2/O2 and in the field of material characterization, viscometry / rheometry, process instrumentation and provides custom-tailored automation and robotic solutions.
Laboratory and process measuring instruments from Anton Paar are used in the control of incoming goods, quality control and research throughout the food industry. The product portfolio ranges from portable measuring instruments over high-precision automated laboratory or process measurement technology to individual industry-specific solutions. Moreover, Anton Paar now offers 3 years warranty on instruments in conjunction with the recommended maintenance intervals.

General Manager
Jutta Rieger
Sales/Marketing Manager
Stuart Cragg
Marketing Contact
Mary Hernandez
Territory Manager
Simon Lewis

Unit 7 76 Paul Matthews Road
Auckland 0632

Postal Address

Unit 7 76 Paul Matthews Road
Auckland 0632

Beckhoff Automation Limited


Beckhoff implements open automation systems based on PC Control technology. The product range covers Industrial PCs, I/O and Fieldbus Components, Drive Technology and automation software. Products that can be used as separate components or integrated into a complete and seamless control system are available for all industries. The Beckhoff “New Automation Technology” philosophy represents universal and open control and automation solutions that are used worldwide in a wide variety of different applications, ranging from CNC-controlled machine tools to intelligent building automation.

Managing Director
Neil Pearce

Unit F3, 4 Orbit Drive
Auckland 0632
New Zealand


A label that simply ‘floats to the top’ when PET packaging is being recycled has won best in category for Industry Development & Creativity at Pride In Print.

Entered by Kiwi Labels under environmental print products – all areas subcategory, the Foodstuff’s label (under the Pam brand) is applied to punnets that are recyclable. It says ‘Rinse Me & Recycle – this punnet is made from recycled plastic (RPET).’

Judge Gary Gibbon said labels produced like this one will go a long way to solving a problem for recyclers who have to deal with them on every bit of recyclable plastic.

“When products like this get thrown into the recycling bin and then get chopped up to be re-melted, most of the labels on them can’t be separated out, so they’re contaminating the plastics they’re using.”

The label has a special adhesive that washes away, releasing it to float to the surface, allowing the labels to be cleared away.

He said these adhesives like this are just starting to come into the industry, but are likely to become more common in time as demand increases. There is at least one company that is currently recycling PET.

Kiwi Labels said it was continually looking to improve quality and reduce waste and had produced the label in a collaborative effort with its material supplier, customer and a leading recycling and plastic producer.

“We’ve developed a label solution that communicates to the end consumer that they can recycle this packaging.”

Unlike traditional labels, they are constructed with a unique wash-off formulation that separately cleanly from the packaging during the PET and RPET recycling process.

The polypropylene labels float while the denser PET flakes sink, allowing the valuable flakes to be recovered without contamination. This label is making a difference to the way we discard our packaging, therefore reducing landfill and increasing the recyclability of PET and RPET packaging.

There were 500,000 labels produced. They were printed with one colour flexo on the adhesive and three colour flexo on the top web.