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LIMA is present worldwide, on all continents, offering more than 70 different LIMA machines models from 100 to 20 000 kg/hr / 220 to 44 000 lb/ hr of raw product.
A complete range of :
• Meat-bone separators for MSM (Mechanically Separated Meat)
• Deboners for coarse structured meat or ground meat MSM, with low calcium content
• Grinders-Desinewers for ground and desinewed meat with controlled C/P ratio.

Quality of the end product, low temperature increase, no extra pre-breaking or pre-grinding required, machine with hygienic design, quick and simple dismantling, easy & accurate yield adjustment.

Sales/Marketing Manager
International Sales Manager

456 Route de Rosporden

Quimper 29000


From the rich fertile soil of Tonga to delicious baked goods enjoyed around the world, Heilala Vanilla is much more than just an ingredient. For many, these humble vanilla beans represent a sustainable future, employment, and a sense of pride and purpose.

Heilala Vanilla began when New Zealander John Ross flew to Tonga after the 2001 Cyclone Waka tore through the Pacific and left a trail of destruction in its wake. He organised a team of retired builders, electricians, and plumbers from his Papakura Rotary Club to join him on the island of Vava’u to help rebuild infrastructure.

When Ross heard concerns about the island’s future, he suggested reviving the cultivation of vanilla and so the Heilala Vanilla journey began.

Now Ross’s daughter, Jennifer Boggiss, oversees the business and it continues to be recognised for its focus on sustainability and community engagement.

“Sustainability means different things to different people and organisations,” says Boggiss. “To us it’s all about being connected to our purpose which is to empower vanilla growing communities in Tonga and ensure sustainable livelihoods for future generations.

“The communities of Tonga are the lifeblood of our business, and we believe that providing sustainable livelihoods can be achieved through two pillars.

“One is vanilla growing. You can have an impact on community by providing them with income from growing vanilla. The second one is through empowerment. Providing people with processes that will assist them to grow the best vanilla in the world. This includes training, demonstration plots, research, and all the other things that we do.”

Vanilla bean vines grow 20 degrees on either side of the equator and are suitable for smallhold farmers. It is also an especially desirable crop for women as it isn’t particularly physically demanding.

“The vanilla growing practise is very much hands-on in the traditional way and typically grown alongside other crops for the farmer,” says Boggiss.

“From a resilience perspective, if you have droughts or cyclones you don’t want to be reliant on one crop on a farm, so it goes really well alongside other crops. It also is a long-term crop so when you plant it you don’t get anything until the fourth year.”

Once the beans have been harvested, dried under the hot Tongan sun, and cured, it is imported into New Zealand and processed at the Heilala Vanilla factory in Tauranga. Here it undergoes vanilla extraction and turned into vanilla pastes, powders, sugars, and more.

“Some vanilla growers dry it the fast-tracked way, but we still do it traditionally because that’s where the full flavour profile of the vanilla bean is developed,” Boggiss says.

To ensure the company is staying on target in all areas of the business, Heilala Vanilla published its first impact report last year in September 2020 and will repeat this annually.

This includes detailing community initiatives Heilala Vanilla is involved in to compliment the vanilla growing business.

When COVID-19 arrived, the team couldn’t visit Tonga as they normally would, so they had to turn to other ways of supporting the farmers.

“In the last 12 months we have had three projects to deliver on that purpose [of empowering farmers],” Boggis says.

“One was sending two million vegetable seeds to our partners in Tonga who put them into nurseries and then distributed them to households.

“We also sent a container load of desks and chairs for classrooms that didn’t have furniture to two communities that we are part of.”

In the early days of the pandemic the Heilala Vanilla team realised they had the ingredients used in the vanilla extract process necessary to make hand sanitiser which they then sent to three hospitals in Tonga.

Boggiss says over the next year the company is looking to extend its focus on the community and look at the environmental impact “because it goes hand in hand”.

The company has also applied for its B-Corp certification. Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

“It is all about how you balance people, planet, and profit,” Boggiss says. “We have submitted our B- Corp assessment, in which we had a really high score, and now we are waiting for certification. In the meantime, we are operating with the mindset that we are a B-Corp company. It was something that really resonated with us because it was who we are and what we stand for anyway. It wasn’t like we had to change everything we had to fit in with it.”

Boggis says she is grateful the company started with a sustainable reason for being.

“If I was advising someone starting out, I would ask them to question what their sustainability drive is. It’s much easier to set it up at the beginning than to get 10 years down the track and have to change things. For us, it’s always been part of who we are.”

G & S Foods Ltd

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+64 224119003

Our core business is drying New Zealand honey into powder.
Our honey powder is manufactured using a proprietary drying process in our RMP registered factory in Marlborough New Zealand.

The honey powder is bulk supplied and is used in wet and dry food systems, confectionary and health bars, powdered soups, sauces, gravies, custards, cosmetics, pet food, milk products, an alternative to sugar and dry bakery premixes.

We add value to honey powder and manufacture private brand lozenges packed into foil trays and honey powder and crystals packed conveniently into foil tubes.
Contact us for OEM opportunities.

General Manager
Sharleen McIsaac
General Manager
Sharleen McIsaac

15 Greig Lane
Canvastown 7178
New Zealand

Ceres Enterprises Ltd

Trading as: Ceres Organics
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Ceres Organics is a trusted NZ owned organic food distributor, grounded in almost 40 years history, and recognised as a founding player in the organic movement. We offer a wide range of certified organic bulk ingredients for manufacturers, food service and retail, with a robust worldwide supply chain that is both environmentally and socially responsible.

With consumers increasingly concerned about health and wellness, what is in their food and sourcing, Ceres Organics can offer a solution to help. We can cater to virtually all your requirements with ingredients.

All our ingredients are traceable from pasture to plate. We personally validate and meet the people through our supply chain, inspecting every element from the farms, warehouses, packing/processing facilities, through to the port.

This ensures that what we offer you is only the highest quality certified organic ingredients.

Account manager – food ingredients
Harry Josephson

82 Carbine Road
Mount Wellington
Auckland 1060

SIG Combibloc Australia Pty Ltd

Trading as: SIG Combibloc Australia & New Zealand
+61 9301 0235

SIG is a leading systems and solutions provider for aseptic carton packaging. We work in partnership with our customers to bring food and beverage products to consumers around the world in a safe, sustainable and affordable way. Our unique technology and outstanding innovation capacity enable us to provide our customers with end-to-end solutions to address the ever-changing needs of consumers. Sustainability is integral to our business and we are going Way Beyond Good to create a net positive food packaging system.
Founded in 1853, SIG is headquartered in Neuhausen, Switzerland. The skills and experience of our approximately 5,900 employees worldwide enable us to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of our customers in over 60 countries.
SIG has an AA ESG rating by MSCI, a 13.4 (low risk) score by Sustainalytics and a Platinum CSR rating by EcoVadis. For more information, visit

General Manager
Adam Lipscomb
Sales/Marketing Manager
Baris Altay
Marketing Contact
Baris Altay
General Manager – Business Development
Stephen Stewart

9-31 Riggall Street
Melbourne 3047

Oji Fibre Solutions


Oji Fibre Solutions is New Zealand’s leading producer of sustainable pulp, paper, and fibre-based packaging solutions. We design and provide fit-for-purpose packaging solutions such as corrugate boxes, multi-wall bags, and specialty boards and products such as bulk bins, corner boards, and plant-guards.
As part of our bio-circular economy, we deliver renewable and recyclable alternatives to fossil fuel-based products. Our essential supplier status and closed-loop value chain enables us to provide supply chain certainty to our customers. Our products are used across many industries such as dairy, horticulture, meat, beverage, seafood, flour, sugar and building products.

National Sales Manager
Andreas Haussrer

20-24 Mahunga Drive
Mangere Bridge
Auckland 2022

Oli Vibrators Pty Ltd

61 3 9764 9988
+61 3 9764 1188

A global leader in the supply of quality industrial vibrators and flow aids, Oli is now one of the most preferred vibrator supply companies in the Australian and New Zealand market.

Oli Vibrators are engineered and built to the highest European standards, with a competitive price to performance ratio and an enviable reliability factor.

Built to last in the harshest of environments, the extensive range of electric vibrators are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are available from 4kg force up to 26,000kg of force.

High level of customer service guaranteed through 20 Oli trading subsidiaries, 36 local warehouses and three manufacturing plants worldwide.

As a global player in industrial vibration technology, the key centrepiece of Oli’s business strategy is rapid stock delivery, any time, any place in the world. Excellent customer service is of pivotal importance: the company guarantees quick order processing and any worldwide customer can enjoy access to the same high quality product and services guaranteed.

Contact us for your NZ stockist.

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Mark Thompson
Sales/Marketing Manager
Sean Brewer
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Mark Thompson
Sales Executve
Sean Brewer

7 Jellico Drive
Victoria 3179

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Victoria 3179

Pack Tech Moulding Limited

0800 32 5465
03 9822 888

Pack Tech’s team is committed to providing their customers with innovated packaging solutions to best meet their needs. Our technical knowledge supports our focus on innovation and customisation. While our own products are stock items, we also customise many of our products to suit our customer’s needs.
In line with our policy of full environmental sustainability, all of Pack Tech’s plastic packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable, and much of it is made from recycled plastic from the New Zealand economy. From tubs and lids to bottles and jerrycans, Pack Tech has a sustainable and attractive packaging solution for your product. Label printing options include in mould labelling (IML) for a fully integrated product that will stand out on the retail shelf.

General Manager
Chris Williams
Sales/Marketing Manager
Kat Collins
Marketing Contact
Karamea Sole and Kelly Frank
Sales Support
Karamea Sole

32 Link Drive
Rolleston 7614
New Zealand

Selpak Automation NZ Ltd

Trading as: Selpak
+64 9 263 6113

The perfect package.

Established in 1948, Selpak is a fully supported supplier, covering machinery from the start of process to end of line packaging servicing snack, food, beverage, confectionery, pharmaceutical, and medical PPE manufacturers.

As a leader in the process and packaging industry for over 70 years, Selpak brings a wealth of knowledge and global experience to their customers locally. With the highest benchmarks in quality and innovation from around the world, Selpak customer projects result in faster, more reliable, and more cost-effective processing and packaging at the forefront of the industry.

Our experience and reputation allow a progressive and proactive approach to developing innovative solutions across Australia and New Zealand.

General Manager
Shane Sipthorp
Sales/Marketing Manager
Marcus Lee
Marketing Contact
Marcus Lee
Product Manager
Paul Dennis

C11/710 Great South Rd
Auckland 2104
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 97352
Manukau City Mail Centre
Auckland 2241
New Zealand

Multivac New Zealand Ltd

0800 696 858
09 238 3055

Packaging and Processing Solutions for a Sustainable World.

MULTIVAC is passionately committed to creating value-added packaging and innovative process solutions. We pride ourselves on setting the industry standard in technology, efficiency and reliability of our complete product portfolio.
We are a supplier of integrated solutions for the whole of the packaging and processing sector. We have an extensive range of packaging, handling, and labelling solutions, as well as equipment upstream and downstream of the packaging process.

Multivac New Zealand provides market leading solutions; from Schroeter smokehouses & Intensive chillers, Handtmann vacuum filling, forming and dosing, to Multivac packaging equipment, packaging materials and labelling equipment.
TVI Meat Portioning along with recently integrated Fritsch Bakery Technologies are also part of the Multivac Group. Bizerba, Provisur and CabinPlant round off an impressive line up of agencies for Multivac New Zealand.

Contact us to help develop the perfect package to suit your product, your brand and your objectives for profitability and sustainability.


91 McLaughlins Road
Auckland 2104
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 76204
Auckland 2241
New Zealand

Alchemy Agencies


For a quarter of a century Alchemy has been supporting the New Zealand and Australian Food and Beverage industry with innovative, high quality products. Alchemy Agencies is employee owned and we work hard for you to grow our businesses together.
As your supply partners we are here to provide ingredient and technical solutions to help grow your business.
We service all areas of the food, beverage and nutraceutical industry including dairy, beverage, condiments, confectionery, dessert, snack, bakery and much more.
We specialise in vitamin and mineral pre mixes; functional ingredients and bioactive herbal blends; frozen, aseptic and dried Fruits and vegetables; brewing supplies; hydrocolloids including specialty blends; sugar replacers and ingredients for fibre fortification; nutraceuticals and gelcaps for pharma. Much of our range is available as conventional and / or organic.
Our trusted supply partners have a focus on innovation and are always looking to grow capability through new customer partnerships.

Sales/Marketing Manager
Domnic Lobo – Business Manager
Tristan Molloy

Level 2, 20 Centre Street
Freemans Bay
Auckland 1010
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 90206
Victoria Street West

hb-technik asia pacific

Trading as: hb-technik asia pacific
+612 99884822

A Unique Solution
Custom Ingredient Handling Solutions
hb-technik provides a unique high tech range of ingredient handling systems and solutions customised for the food processing industry. With superior accuracy, these solutions produce better quality products with improved safety, reduced environmental footprint and extensive cost savings.
The unique difference of hb-technik is its renowned reputation for the best designed and computerised quality ingredient management systems. This ensures your end product is produced with 100% accuracy for bulk handling conveying and dosing. The automation of levels and line dimensions can be adapted to each customer’s request to suit the characteristics of the individual Food or Beverage Manufacturing business.
With our extensive on-line 24×7 support across Asia Pacific, hb-technik provide programmed and event based maintenance for all different types of machine lines and equipment.

General Manager
Gerhard Langreiter
Marketing Contact
Gerhard Langreiter
Anthony Miller

16/19-23 Bridge Street
NSW 2073

Postal Address

P O Box 166
Terrey Hills
Terrey Hills 2084


The story of Remarkable Cream liqueur is just that – remarkable – and it has a 40-year family history.

It all began in the 70s when Bill Cameron, founder of ‘Robbie Burns Liquor’, attempted to make New Zealand’s very own cream liqueur.

When his attempts fell short, he instead decided to import ‘Conti-Cream’ from Australia, but his heart was still set on a locally made cream liqueur that would rival the Irish.

In the year 2000, his son Neil Cameron, who had followed in his father’s footsteps, successfully developed a recipe for a liqueur with New Zealand cream as the hero ingredient.

This product was sold in the South Island and enjoyed for many years by a small but enthusiastic bunch of customers.

Neil continued to make these cream liqueurs in central Otago and Dunedin, supplying locally, until he was forced to stop for health reasons.

Now Neil’s son William, is carrying on the family tradition, and has perfected the recipe for the cream liqueur to highlight the very best New Zealand ingredients, including a blend of fresh cream, butterscotch, and smooth whey vodka.

Despite growing up around his father’s recipe and spending hours helping to make it, Wills had never tasted much of it himself, so it wasn’t until he took a few bottles up to Auckland that he realised the potential it had to give other cream liqueurs a run for their money.

“I got it out to shops, and everyone went crazy for it,” he says.

It soon became clear that the New Zealand Food Innovation Networks’ Auckland-based FoodBowl facility was the perfect combination of accredited facilities and processing equipment that Wills needed to make his product.

To give it the chance it deserved, Neil decided to move up to Auckland to better support William, despite living and producing in Otago for most of his life.

Wills realised proper marketing and design would be required to match the quality and provenance. So, he set about designing his own branding featuring, appropriately, the iconic Remarkable ranges that the family had grown up skiing.

“When I first met The FoodBowl’s business development manager, Al Baxter, said: ‘It looks old fashioned Will, but not in a good way,’ which I completely agreed with,” says Wills.

But The FoodBowl wasn’t really set up for manufacturing alcohol, so progress was slow, and a year passed before production was able to get properly underway.

“There were lot of hurdles,” says Wills.

Finally in February 2021, all the necessary approvals had been granted and processing could begin.

However, the nature of the product itself requires very specific parameters and a specialist homogeniser, so it wasn’t to be smooth sailing just yet.

Production began with running the product through The FoodBowls’ machine only for the team to discover the product required processing so specific that is initially failed. Eventually, with some tweaking and experimentation, they managed to get the product stable.

After this slight setback, Wills decided to purchase and import his own 1m3/h high-pressure homogeniser. This would solve all his stabilising problems in the future, and he could lease it out to other manufacturers who might need it for a variety of reasons.

And with this decision, his secondary business Homogenise Now, was borne.

“Our main barrier to production for the cream liqueur has been access to a homogeniser with higher pressures than is required for milk and other dairy. In addition, while producing at The FoodBowl, we had some challenges with their machine which was a difficult position as in New Zealand there is no company that can bring a homogeniser to a site for ’emergency’ uses, or for validation/pilot runs.

“That is one good thing to come out of the challenges, as we are setting up the homogeniser (with pumps and filters etc) on a mobile setup to solve that problem for others.”

Wills has also been working with ProduCo food safety and regulatory compliance specialists, so other manufacturers can rest assured it is up to standard if they need to bring it onto their factory premises.

The FoodBowl’s Al Baxter says he is pleased to see a product being launched with a New Zealand story and provenance in the branding.

“Wills was great to work with – very professional and patient. He was very focussed on getting the job done properly and overcoming technical challenges.”

Not only that, but the product also has good export potential, says Baxter.

With all the hurdles the Cameron men have faced over the years to make such a technically difficult product, Remarkable Cream holds a special place in the family history.

“My dad has had health issues for the last few years. When he made the last batch of the previous product, he’d been very unwell and only just managed to pull it off,” says Wills.

“He made the batch, the pipes blew, and 500 litres went on the ground. He thought this was the end of the product. It had really broken him.

“To now see it coming back and hearing the great feedback he’s really happy and proud.”

Despite all the challenges, Wills isn’t one to cry over spilt milk, and remains more determined than ever to give Remarkable Cream the chance it deserves.

“There’ve been so many times that the business has been right on the edge. The product is hard to make, but to get it made properly is a really good feeling.”

To learn more about Homogenise Now visit:


What if it was possible to get the same nutritional value of leafy green vegetables but from the food we love to eat? The folks at Leaft Foods think they might have found a solution.

Founded in 2019, by John and Maury Leyland Penno, Leaft Foods Ltd is aiming to create a range of new food products using the plant protein RuBisCO.

The protein is found in all green leafy vegetables and has high nutritional value and a lighter environmental footprint than traditional animal or grain-based sources of protein.

General manager Ross Milne says there are two drivers behind what the company is trying to achieve.

“Firstly, we’re trying to extract a protein out of green leafy material to use as a food ingredient. The RuBisCo protein that we are targeting is relatively well-known to the plant science community but not to food consumers,” he says.

“RuBisCo is a really interesting protein. It is white, tasteless, and odourless. While that might not sound very interesting from a food point of view, from a protein ingredient perspective, those are some fantastic qualities.”

The protein has an amino acid profile which is comparable to an animal derived protein – often one of the challenges faced by others working with current plant protein products.

“We’re also excited about the protein functionality that we’ve seen to date. Its gelling and foaming properties and its solubility. From a food technology point of view that’s what gets us really excited because it opens up doors to other opportunities in terms of how we could integrate it into a whole raft of products.

“Secondly, what we’re looking to develop is a new opportunity for our farmers to increase the environmental sustainability of our food systems.

“We are experts in New Zealand in terms of growing pasture. Our focus at Leaft Foods is to utilise our expertise, work with pastures that farmers are already familiar with and grab the protein from there.”

Somewhat ironically, Milne moved back from Copenhagen, Denmark to work on this project after leaving his job in the dairy industry. “I slipped through the fence onto the other side,” he says with a laugh.

“It’s a privilege to work on something like this. It’s very aspirational in that we want to make a real positive impact on the environment and give farmers an opportunity to be involved in plant protein, in conjunction with their existing farming systems, in an economically viable way. For me personally, to have the opportunity to come back to New Zealand and be involved in and lead a project like this, is really exciting.”

An early indicator that they were on to something special came when the Leaft team used their ingredient to make a pavlova. And it worked!

“We’re a Kiwi start-up company so we thought what better way to test our product.

“Egg white protein is really interesting because it can form a bake stable foam, so if you want to use a substitute it has to also be something that also does this. We noticed that our protein had this potential.”

Other plant-based egg substitutes have the basic functionality however are carbohydrate-based rather than protein based and therefore do not match the nutrition profile of egg white.

“We substituted out the egg white and put in our protein to deliver on both functionality and nutrition with great results on the first test bake,” Milne says.

The trial pavlova was enjoyed at the Leaft Foods end of year Christmas party in 2019 by the team who were pleased with the results.

“It got us really excited because it demonstrated what our product could do. Now it’s about building on the research to develop a paddock to plate commercial food system. We know the opportunity is there, and we still have a significant research and development program ahead of us.”

Milne hopes New Zealanders will see this research and development as an opportunity and will step up to take on challenges and changes and lead the way on journey to build a new industry.

“There’s a lot of synergies between existing agricultural systems and what we’re working on and they can be co-beneficial. There is a unique opportunity, we’ve got really great people in New Zealand and there is a significant shift in consumer habits globally. Therefore, if we maintain our momentum on this, we have the opportunity to develop new products and be ahead of the game.”


A New Zealand tech company could be on track to solving labour shortage problems faced by US vegetable growers and removing herbicides from the farming process at the same time.

Greentech Robotics, based in Palmerston North and founded by Don Sandbrook, specialises in automated seeding, harvesting and high-density salad mix and baby carrots.

Now with increasing pressure on growers in terms of labour costs and the outlawing of herbicides in many countries, the Greentech Robotics team are developing a robot that could replicate the accuracy of a human-being with a hoe and potentially removing the need for herbicides altogether.

But this doesn’t come without its challenges says Greentech Robotics director Rob Baan.

“The difference between us and most of the other groups working in this space around the world is that we are looking at an extraction option. That is technically a lot harder because we have to get a lot closer to the plant and the weeds to extract them.”

Baan says one of the real challenges facing the development of this product is that the vegetables they are working around have usually been trench planted. This means the seeds have been sown in a controlled environment and then transplanted into fields where they are left to mature into fully grown crops.

When these plants are transplanted, they are given a boost of fertiliser to ensure they get a good start.

“The problem here is that weeds like the fertiliser just as much,” says Baan. “Therefore, there’s a tendency for the weeds to congregate around the vegetable plants and that is the most difficult place to get to when you want to extract weeds.

“Traditionally vegetable growers would either spray against those weeds indiscriminately or use human being and a hoe to extract the weeds.”

Baan says in California grows approximately 45% of all vegetables consumed in the US and most of the weeding is done by immigrant labour with a hoe.

“During the last four years under Trump presidency there has been a lot of noise around immigrant labour, so there’s even more pressure on growers to find alternative solutions rather than using seasonal workers because it’s harder to get people into the country.”

This has meant that labour costs have risen and farmers are looking for alternative options he says.

Greentech Robotics has been supplying seeding equipment to the American market for 25 years and Baan believes this will help immensely when introducing the robotic weeders.

“Our ultimate aim is to do mechanical extraction using our robotic weeder,” he says.

“Our robots will probably be capable of doing micro-spraying as well, but we will also have robots that will be capable of mechanical removal. Herbicides are being outlawed in many countries because there is a lot of pressure from environmental groups to remove them. Our aim is for no chemical herbicides to be used at all.”

Trials are currently taking place in New Zealand however Covid-19 has affected the development process significantly.

“We are doing trials on the weed spider here but we need to get a lot of data about the crops and weeds in California as that’s our target market. The problem is that we haven’t been able to get into the market. We had planned 4 field trips in 2020 and we weren’t able to go on any of them.

“That has hampered our development because we need to learn about all the different weed species and how they perform when you try to extract them.”

Nevertheless, the team have their fingers crossed for a field trip to take place in June 2021.

Baan says regardless of these hurdles, to pull of this technical goal is a major achievement.

“Founder and chief executive Don Sandbrook and myself have met with many other groups around the world that are also trying to develop this type of technology. They are all working on something along the lines of what we are doing but I think we are reaching for the skies.

“We have set our sights very high. As far as the technical difficulties that we need to overcome, they are probably higher than most because we are trying to emulate a human with a hoe and that is not easy. Most of the other groups have set their sights more on being accurate using micro-spraying technology.”

But for Baan, it’s the people that is key to the company’s success and drive.

“It’s that enthusiasm you get exposed to. Everybody is enthusiastic about the project and it’s a nice team to be able to interact with. That’s a privilege,” he says.

HEALTH FROM THE INSIDE: Capitalising on the growing trend of organic products

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have been increasingly seeking health and wellness products. In response to this, CSL Centro Sperimentale Del Latte has developed Florganic Probiotics.

A growing market

According to the 2018 Organic Aotearoa New Zealand (OANZ) Market report, New Zealand’s total organic products market is valued at around $600 million, and has grown by 30% since 2015.

A global leader in probiotic manufacturing, CSL says their new product is designed to give food and beverage brands an opportunity to capitalise on this increasing demand for clean, natural and organic products.

“The New Zealand industry can benefit from not just local consumer interest in organic products, but also increased interest from international markets where organic foods continue to be a strong desire for health-conscious consumers,” says CSL Asia Pacific chief executive officer John Goebel.

“We believe the Florganic Probiotics range is innovative in its production and certification as it helps organic-focused brands to further deliver on their brand promise.

“Unlike probiotics which are not certified organic products, the Florganic Probiotic range still delivers clinically studied strains with the added quality appeal of being a certified organic product.”

Available in a powdered blend form, the probiotic range can be added to milk powders, supplements, infant formula, health and wellness powder, drinks, liquid drops, yoghurts, chocolate and meal replacement shakes.

The benefits of probiotics

Defined as living microorganisms, probiotics can provide a range of health benefits when consumed in certain quantities.

Well-documented lactobacillus strains, such as a Synbio® blend, Lactobacillus rhamnosus CRL1505 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus SP1 are on offer in the Florganics range. A leading Bifidobacteria strain is also available in the certified organic offering of Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactic BLC1.

Probiotic strains such as these have a number of health benefits, including:

  • Immune system stimulation
  • Lowering of blood ammonia
  • Reduced serum cholesterol
  • Strengthened mucosal barriers
  • Alleviation of lactose intolerance
  • Improved synthesis of B vitamins.

Probiotics in diary products

A number of studies have shown that probiotic bacteria have an improved survival and efficacy when delivered through milk, compared to any other medium.

Yoghurt, ice cream and cheese can also be made with the incorporation of probiotics. However, they don’t all respond the same.

Special care must be taken to ensure that the growth of an added probiotic culture in fermented milk products does not compromise the sensory profile of the product. This means that extra diligence must be taken during the prototype development, as well as during commercial production.

Meanwhile, ice cream can accommodate probiotics for a longer period (one year or more when stored at the correct temperature) than any other dairy product due to its frozen format. Cheese can also be an ideal carrier of probiotic additives thanks to a high fat and low water content – an ideal condition for probiotics.

TSC Label Printers

0800 603 603
09 827 6567

TSC have been manufacturing label printers since 1991 and have supplied over 5 million printers into the market in over 90 countries. They are an award winning, top-5 global manufacturer of label printers worldwide, with a market share of over 33% in the USA and Asia, and over 40% in India.
Within the last few years TSC have completely refreshed its range of printers from the desktop through to the heavy duty industrial printers.
As the New Zealand authorised partner of TSC , Techspan Industrial Printing Systems offer the full range of TSC label printers, available on our dedicated e-commerce web site, or direct from Techspan.
Techspan backs up its sales with in-house support, remote training, setup and service support. Loan printers are also available if required for return to base repairs.
For printer information and to save money on your label printing consumables, please do not hesitate to contact Craig, Warren or Jon with any enquiries on –
0800 603 603 or visit our e-commerce website

General Manager
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Technical sales & service
Ant Coyle

1 Portage Road
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New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 15262
New Lynn
Auckland 0640
New Zealand

Cormack (NZ) Ltd

Trading as: Cormack Packaging
0800 528 666
09 479 5789
021 774 895

Cormack Packaging can provide a wide range of closure solutions for specialty and mass-market food packaging applications. Whether you are looking for convenience, enhanced product dispensing, ease of use, or all three, we are confident we can provide you with something that will meet your requirements. CRC Closures, TE Caps, Flip Caps, Spray Pumps & Spray Triggers.

Cormack represents in New Zealand many of the world’s leading packaging companies, including Silgan, Berry Plastics, Moldrite, Comar, Menshen, and many others as well as our own manufacturing site in Sydney.

Cormack realises that its future success relies on its ability to provide its customers with innovative packaging solutions that add excitement to its customers’ brands. We achieve this by delivering to the New Zealand market the latest in Asia, American and European ideas and employing an in-house design team.

Sales/Marketing Manager
Martin Taylor
NZ Sales Manager
Martin Taylor

34 Apollo Drive
Mairangi Bay
Auckland 0632
New Zealand

Butler Techsense Limited

09 265 0306
021 781072

With 20 years of experience in industrial instrumentation, Butler Techsense is a proven supplier of environmental monitoring solutions for GMP, scientific and food production industries.
In a demanding operation our customers must have reliable and accurate devices that give them the measurements they demand. Butler Techsense delivers field-proven technologies that can handle demanding conditions and challenges that allows our customers to maximize the performance, profitability and most importantly the quality compliance aspects of their business. Online affiliates, QA Instruments and The Temperature Shop offer our customers instrumentation products and services through a convenient web presence.

General Manager
John Butler
Marketing Contact
Caroline Butler

353 New North Road
Auckland 1021
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 56-156
Dominion Road
Auckland 1446
New Zealand



Machinerysales is a 12 page classified newspaper distributed within NZ Engineering News listing the latest new and used engineering machinery and equipment. Published 11 times a year and distributed the 1st week of the month.

General Manager
Andy Hobbs

Level 1, 16 Byron Ave
Auckland 0622
New Zealand

 Postal Address

PO Box 33146
Auckland 0740
New Zealand

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