Poultry star power…


Celebrity chef Manu Feildel gets Dinner Done with new recipes cooking Ingham’s NZ chicken products.

Manu Feildel has teamed up with Ingham’s NZ – one of New Zealand’s largest poultry producers – to create quick, simple, and tasty recipes to help you get ‘Dinner Done’.

(STARTS)After watching Manu Feildel judge NZ cooking contestants on our screens, the French chef from across the ditch has now teamed up with Ingham’s NZ to launch Dinner Done, including a range of delicious yet quick and easy recipes cooking with chicken, as well as a series of cooking tips and tricks.

Feildel’s Ingham’s NZ Dinner Done collection includes seven recipes, ranging from those to help you cook like a chef at home, to recipes designed to get the kids involved – created by Manu with the help of his eight-year-old daughter Charlee. Manu’s Dinner Done recipes are available now at Inghams.co.nz/whatsnew, with downloadable recipe cards and YouTube tutorials presented by Feildel.

Recipes include:

  1. French-style roasted butterflied chicken – cooking with Ingham’s whole chicken.
  2. Chicken tray bake with corn slaw – cooking with Ingham’s whole chicken.
  3. Tempura breast nugget tacos with corn and avocado salsa – cooking with Ingham’s Tempura Nuggets.
  4. Asian-style cabbage salad with tenders and dipping Sauces – cooking with Ingham’s Original Chicken Tenders.
  5. Original chicken tenderloins tray bake – cooking with Ingham’s Original Chicken Tenders.
  6. Tempura chicken nugget lettuce cups – cooking with Ingham’s Tempura Nuggets.
  7. Mexi-bean loaded chicken chipees – cooking with Ingham’s Crumbed Chicken Chipees.

Launching Ingham’s NZ Dinner Done, Feildel says: “We all have busy days, and after a long day – like everyone – I just want Dinner Done. Chicken is an incredibly versatile protein, is quick to cook, and can be used in a huge range of recipes and cuisines. As a father of two wonderful kids, getting a tasty dinner on the table that everyone will eat is a top priority – particularly midweek – and that’s why I’m excited to launch Ingham’s NZ Dinner Done.”

Alongside the recipe collection, Feildel provides a series of tips and tricks such as a video on ‘How to butterfly a chicken’, blogs on ‘How to cook the perfect roast chicken’, ‘Must-have dinner staples’ and more.

Launching Ingham’s NZ Dinner Done, Feildel has shared his top three tips for planning and preparing midweek dinners to save time and make meals more fun:

  1. Stock up on and cook from frozen.

Frozen is just as good as fresh, stock your freezer with quick, versatile options to avoid the supermarket run!

  1. Create a ‘capsule’ pantry.

Stock your pantry and fridge with staples made up of a limited number of versatile ingredients based on the foods your household enjoys eating, and which can be combined into a variety of meals.

  1. Get your household involved in planning, cooking and plating!

Planning and preparing meals solo can feel like hard work. Get the household involved by inviting everyone to choose a cuisine or simple meal for the week. Turn on and up your favourite music, follow a YouTube cooking tutorial to make it a home cooking class, or try some food art!

Chicken is the most popular land-meat eaten in New Zealand, with the average New Zealander enjoying around 37.5 kilograms of chicken each year (Poultry Industry Association New Zealand). Research shows chicken accounts for 33 per cent of meals in an average week, followed by beef (22%), fish (13%), pork (10%), lamb (8%), and processed meat (7%) (Survey of New Zealand consumer attitudes to consumption of meat administered through Qualtrics, published in Science Direct).

Chicken is the most a sustainable land-meat choice too, says Ingham’s, and with all Ingham’s New Zealand chicken products farmed locally, and all Ingham’s New Zealand poultry farms being SPCA certified – meeting rigorous animal welfare standards, enjoying a chicken dinner can be good for people and our planet.

Ingham’s NZ Caroline Hayes, general manager, says: “We’re thrilled to work with Manu to share these delicious recipes, as well as tips and tricks, to help people get Dinner Done. At Ingham’s we’re committed to being Always Good, and providing quick, easy and tasty meals is just one way we’re working to bring this to life.”