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We supply Ultraviolet systems, modules, and components, for air, water, and surface disinfection. Disinfection and odour control are the chemical free results you can achieve when using ultraviolet lamp technology. Ultraviolet light at a 254 nanometre output (UVC) is lethal to all microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, protozoa, moulds, yeasts, fungal spores and algae. All you need is enough dosage. While ozone produced by the lamps eliminates odour.
We sell;
Cool room and upper air units for longevity of food products in storage and the disinfection of air space and surfaces in controlled environments.
Ultraviolet systems for kitchen hood extraction systems to control cooking oil deposits, and odour.
Ultraviolet systems for the direct treatment of conveyor belts in food grade environments.
Ultraviolet systems for the treatment of, water, air, and surfaces where microorganisms are present.
Ozone lamps and systems for odour control.
UVC monitoring equipment, for standards and compliance.
Our components include; UV Modules, UVC lamps, electronic ballasts, reflectors and lamp holders. Infrared emitters and lamp holders.


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