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Cream Innovative Trading Platform

Trading as: Cream Limited
+64 9 887 4135

Cream is a customised B2B marketplace/trading software platform for primary industries like Dairy, Meat, Seafood, Sugar and Honey that facilitates high-value trade, globally. Buyers and sellers have access to market prices instantly and can therefore place offers & bids in just two clicks, as opposed to the old way of making phone calls and exchanging multiple emails. We have digitised trade for some of the biggest European companies including Arla foods and Hogwegt International. Whether you are a big ingredient supplier, manufacturer, trader or a buyer, we can help you streamline your sales & procurement process and subsequently increase your revenues. Get your own branded mobile + desktop enabled trading platform at NO upfront costs. We provide full on-boarding, 24/7 support and marketing assistance. Talk to us today for a free demo.

General Manager
Kevin O’ Sullivan
Sales/Marketing Manager
Sakshi Anand
Marketing Contact
Sakshi Anand
Marketing Manager
Sakshi Anand

587, Mt. Eden Road
Mt. Eden
Auckland 1024
New Zealand

London Branch
Branch Location
71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden
United Kingdom
Michael Vaughan,
+44 20 3870 4450